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Which to read?

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    i am an undergraduate student and i have to do my project with "Fluent".
    but i have not worked with Fluent before and i am told that before working
    with fluent i should read some cfd texts.
    so i was wondering if anybody could help me to choose the right cfd textbook for working
    with fluent.
    these are some books i have found by searching in amazon:

    Fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics, Harvard Lomax and Thomas H. Pulliam

    Computational Fluid Dynamics, john d.anderson

    Computational Fluid Dynamics, klaus A.hoffman



    Introduction to computational fluid dynamics.The finite volume method , H.K. Versteeg

    i really appreciate if anybody could guide me throught choosing the right book.
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    One of the best introductions to CFD is a paper written by (as you mentioned) Thomas Pulliam. He wrote it while writing ARC2D, a structured, curvilinear, implicit solver. Best of all, it's free! He has the pdf on his personal website, definitely check it out.

    Beyond that, anything by Anderson will be good (I have Computational Fluid Mechanics, which isn't quite as good as some of his other stuff). I also have about 120 pages of unedited, unfinished notes which I could send you, which goes a WIDE range of topics, intended to be an introduction to CFD.
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    thanks for answer.i downloaded pulliam book and i looked throught it,there was a
    short chapter about finite volume(fluent is based on finite volume) i read it and it was
    very helpful for a non-knower of cfd,so i really thank you MINGER,and i really appreciate
    if you could send me the notes,(hootanatooh@yahoo.com)

    so much thanks for great help
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