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Schools Which University

  1. Mar 18, 2007 #1
    Hey guys,

    I'm planning on studying physics next year, here in Belgium, now I don't know if you guys would even know one of these universities.

    I'm considering:

    Ghent University
    Leuven University

    If any of you lads would know pro's and con's, or even know one at all, it would be a great help.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Both are nice places to be a student -- have lived in Leuven and been to conferefences in Ghent.

    Ghent's one of my favourite Belgian towns -- good food and beer :smile:

    Leuven is easier to get too -- practically a stop from Brussel :smile:

    How well do you know Belgium? I could go into more specifics if you don't know it geographically -- including the location of the unis.

    ps: marlon ( https://www.physicsforums.com/member.php?u=13790 ) will know a hting or two about Leuven.
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    Well, I live not far from Ghent, but a load of my friends are going to Leuven, so I wouldn't have a clue which one to pick. The distance doesn't really matter, what matters is the quality of the education, maybe the morevalue of the diploma if there is one, or maybe the research going on.
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    I really don't think you could go wrong by picking either of them -- I know that Leuven has a lot of spin-off companies/research places, eg. IMEC where marlon studies.

    However, I've always been impressed with the quality of Ghent -- is it not one of the oldest unis in the world?

    Have you considered VUB? They have some really good optics people.
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    Indeed, there is not really a big difference between the UGent and the KUL. I went to the Ugent and now, i do my phd in the KUL and IMEC. If i were you , i would go for Ghent, which is a fantastic city to live in, but i am sure you already know that.

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    Yes, they both seem to be fantastic cities. Thanks for the advice anyhow! I think we visited the IMEC with the class. Not shure though. :D
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