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Which US universities do I stand a chance to pursue a PhD?

  1. Nov 1, 2015 #1

    I am originally from India and finished my BEng (Hons) Electronic Systems Engineering at Lancaster University, United Kingdom. My degree average was 60%, 2:1 (Upper second). My final year project was on mm-wave waveguides.

    Recently, I passed my MSc Engineering (by research) with Distinction at the Lancaster. My research concentration is in Photonics with focus on slow-light applications of photonic crystals. My thesis was titled: “Photonic Waveguide Design: Implementing Ring Resonator Optical Delay Line in Photonic Crystal”.
    I am currently working on converting my MSc thesis to a journal publication to be submitted to the Journal of Optical and Quantum Electronics (JOQE).

    My GRE score - Quant: 161/170; Verbal: 145/170; have not received AWA scores yet.

    Could someone please advise, which US universities do I stand a chance to pursue a PhD in photonics?

    Thank you
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    Email faculty members with programs in photonics and ask them. Include a cv. If your record shows promise for their school, they will get back to you.
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