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Which would do more damage to a human body, and which would you choose?

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    Let's say you are given a choice of being hit by one of two objects, both going at 50 miles Per hour ( about 80 Km per hour). One is a ten pound (3.5 kg) traffic cone made of rubber. The other is a standard baseball which weighs at around 5oz, which is less than half a pound or about a fifth of a kilo. Which do you think would hurt more to be hit by, why, and which would you choose to be hit by?
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    Traffic cone is going to hurt more. 1, it's heavier than the baseball, and with the same speed, it has greater momentum. 2, it's made of rubber, and assuming elastic collision, the change of momentum is going to be 2mv. So it's gonna hurt like hell.

    So definitely the baseball.
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