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Which would you choose?

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    Say someone put a gun to your head and told you that you had to surf one of these waves from one of these breaks to save your life. Which one would you choose?

    Teahupoo in Tahiti:

    Or Mavericks in Northern California:

    Keep in mind when making your decision that the cold water waves of Mavericks hit much harder than warm water waves, but Teahupoo breaks on a shallow coral reef.

    Btw, check out the drone in the Mavericks video, isn't that cool?
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    I would say shoot me now since I am not exactly a great surfer. Besides, since I am going to die anyway the one shot at revenge I have is the 'someone' gets apprehended and is sent to a psychiatric facility.
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    C'mon now, why not go out with a blast? Not a gun blast, but like Patrick Swayze in Point Break..

    That's not going to work because the assailant is a ghost. Remember, this is Gedankenexperiment.
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    Warm water please. Haven't surfed in my life so nothing else matters.
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