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Which Zink ion is blue?

  1. Aug 5, 2011 #1
    I was giving today zinc -tablet to a patient directly to her stomach because she cannot move. The tube which I first used was not clean so it contained some medicine of the last use.

    The tube turned light blue like copper ion -blue after I inserted the zinc water to the tube.

    I have not managed to figure out what is the ion that causes the color. I will look at her medicine list tomorrow and get some extra pieces of information.

    Is there any Zinc -ion which color is blue?
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    Other possible medicines which were probably in contact with Zinc ions:

    - 1 tablett MADOPARK QUICK MITE: Levodop. 50 mg, benserazid. hydrochlorid. 14,25 mg respond. benserazid. 12,5 mg, constit. q. s.
    - Brufen (ibuprofen)
    - Selegilin

    I managed to duplicate a similar experiment without Zinc -ions.
    However, the color of the liquid was dark blue, little pink.
    So it is apparent that no zinc -ions in the solution, since I put no zinc tablet.
    The color of light blue was not near the color of the solution which I today got.
    So it is not apparent that the color of the two compounds is caused by the same ion.
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