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While decoherence¿ what

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    Yeah, the beta movement from pshycology for example, it impose that a perceptions matter in a 0,1 s (+ or -), but this need a physical explanation. The decoherence times for examle cat alive cat dead is very low than this. But we are there while decoherence. Why we don´t perceive it. The decoherence time for position in macroscopic objects is very long for perception times like physcology. But it is long for planck time. Why is the reason we don´t perceive the system while decoherence??
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    Decoherence times for everything you can see are below the timescale of nanoseconds. If the object is more than 30cm away from you, not even the light from the object can reach you in that time. Your brain is at least 1 million times slower.

    Anyway, the timescale is not so important here: Your eye (or any other organ) cannot distinguish between ("measure") different results without having a complete decoherence between those different results.
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