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While defrosting the Ice Box

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    I decided to speed things up by scrapping off the ice and I punctured the side of the ice box. I used some silicone filler to seal it. Will it work?
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    Did you only break into the insulation - you didn't puncture any coolant pipes?
    Then any waterproof sealant will work although how well it sicks at low temperature varies.
    The adhesive-backed aluminium muffler/exhaust repair tape works well in vacuum cryogenic systems.
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    I never saw any pipes, but maybe I went into one. A hissing sound was heard.

    What about 'Gun Gum'? It is used for repairing holes in exhausts.
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    jim mcnamara

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    "Hissing sound" was the coolant leaking out of the hole in one of the small pipes mqb is talking about.

    The coolant circulates under some pressure. I don't know of a good fix because low temperatures degrade the sticking power of a lot of sealants. Somebody with special knowledge in the area may be able to help.

    If there is a sealant that will work, you will need to recharge the coolant.
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    Hi, McHeathen.
    The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, and I also sought advice here. It was not forthcoming, despite the best intentions of my friends in PF. If you perforated a coolant line, then your unit is toast. I looked into everything from bubble gum through JB Weld and silver-soldering to brazing. The closest thing to a solution that I could find was designed for automotive A/C units, and is totally non-applicable to the aluminum tubes found in a household device. You can buy a new fridge for a lot less than it would cost you to have yours rebuilt by a professional.
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    If you bust a tube tough!
    Even if you could repair the hole. You would have to flush out any water/air/crud that got in the pipes, then you have to get it refilled.
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