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While finding a second solution with wronskian for bessel

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    Hello guys, i'm new here. i was working on a mathematical methods in physics book and there is a part that i dont understand. so i want to ask if anyone knows... while finding a second solution for bessel diff. eq.(for m=0) the book used wronskian method. in the method there is J^2 bin the denominator. so it becomes J^-2 and the series is made such that

    {1 - (x^2)/4 + (x^4)/64 - (x^6)/2304 + .... }^-2 = {1 + (x^2)/2 + (x^6)/32 + .....}

    the part that i didnt understand how can someone conver minus 2 power into right hand side:S. please help me, is there a general formula for this?
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