Whistleblower arrests himself

  1. In just another American-style OrWeLlIaN nIghTmaRE, a whisteblower, an American contractor in Iraq, was arrested in the very military raid he initiated, and then detained for 97 days under enforced sleep depravation, with no opportunity to defend himself of challenge his detention. Even to point out which side he was on.


    America, welcome to the the Hell of your own devising! :eek:

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  3. These mistakes cut both ways:

    Prisoner Is Released Despite Evidence of Role in Bombing -a NYT article from Novermber 25, 2005; bootlegged forum quote was only edition I could find

    It seems to me that the root of these mishaps is an overburdened justice system. Tragic as these mistakes may be, aren't overcrowded prisons at least one positive note in the Iraq tune?

    (page 16) ~82,000 insurgents killed, captured since beginning of Iraq War (estimates of reporters, does not account for prisoners later released)
    Over 7,000 al Qaeda in Iraq killed, captured since Oct 2004
    Over 5,000 terrorists killed or captured since 9/11/2001 (presumably outside Iraq)
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