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News Whistleblower Deported

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    As reported on the front page of the Jerusalem Post (Jan. 8, 1996), the Israeli GSS (Secret Police) sought my deportation for my ALLEGED involvement in a plot to blow up the Al-Aqsa mosque! This travesty of justice occurred during the witch-hunt that followed Prime Minister Rabin's assassination. The Leftists were exploiting the death of Rabin to squash their legal opposition. Such Stalinist tactics were condemned by former Russian refuseniks and Prisoners of Zion. Thankfully, the regime of Shimon Peres was toppled with the election of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

    As a Christian-American member of the Temple Mount Faithful movement, I had been privileged to participate in their legal demonstrations during my 10-month stay in Jerusalem awaiting dual citizenship. Israeli television often showed me with my Jewish friends carrying Israeli flags throughout the Old City. I have also been published in The Jerusalem Post, The Traveller and other publications about the burning issue of the Temple Mount.

    The Temple Mount suffers under a MILITANT MUSLIM OCCUPATION that forcibly FORBIDS CHRISTIANS AND JEWS FROM PRAYING OR READING THE BIBLE there. This despite the fact that both biblical Temples stood there, and it is the location where Jesus and His disciples taught and prayed. Israel has a law against such violent religious discrimination, but they're afraid to enforce it. Such shameful appeasement rewards the Muslim aggressors and punishes the innocent!

    The Temple Mount Faithful demands an end to this injustice. Meanwhile, the Muslim terrorists continue to destroy rich archaeological evidence upon the Temple Mount that proves JERUSALEM IS JEWISH! The world condemned the Muslim Taliban for blowing up a Buddhist idol, yet has remained deathly silent while JUDAISM'S HOLIEST SITE IS DESECRATED!

    In my book, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall, I've called for the Israeli government to exercise its biblical responsibility to BUILD THE TEMPLE. I wrote that book in the United States before any of this trouble. It clearly explains that I'm not calling for any individual to REMOVE THE MOSQUES, but rather expecting the GOVERNMENT to fulfill their historic obligations (if an "act of God" doesn't solve the problem first). I mentioned this to the police during my six and a half hours of night-time interrogation by six different men. Later I was imprisoned in Jerusalem's rotting Russian Compound (built by the Turks) for several weeks until my heartbreaking deportation (for highlighting the plight of the Temple Mount).

    As my attorney in Israel, Naftali Warzberger, has written, MY FUTURE IS LINKED WITH THE JEWS AND ISRAEL. That is why I'm confident justice will prevail. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D. Ohio) persistently presented this case of religious discrimination and political persecution before our State Department that turned a blind eye to the facts. (It's now evident why, since the former Consul General in Jerusalem, Edward G. Abington, Jr., is presently a paid lackey of the terrorist PLO! Talk about a conflict of interests that should be investigated!). Senator Mike DeWine (R. Ohio) has inquired on my behalf to return to Zion and was informed that the Israeli Ministry of the Interior has made the decision not to grant the visa and does not offer any information behind their decision. They have since written Senator DeWine that I will not be eligible for a visa until 2005!

    Gershon Salomon, chairman of the Jerusalem-based Temple Mount Faithful, assures me that a change is coming in Israel that will welcome me back and appreciate my efforts on behalf of Israel.
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    So you've been implicated in terrorism in Israel!!!!!!

    Please go away, I have no time for psychotic racists such as yourself.
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    You don't want to be confused with the FACTS? You go away - to the library or perhaps to some Miss Manners classes since you so hatefully foam accusations without any basis in reality. The Bolsheviks in Israel KNEW they had nothing on me so they drastically reduced their ridiculous accusation - NEVER legal charges - to "visa violation." Visa violation is also a LIE, but enough to cause any THINKING PERSON to see something wasn't kosher about their handling of my case. Such thinking individuals would have also read between the lines of the Jerusalem Post story that shed light on an intial investigation of alleged involvement in such a plot (in their imaginations or wishful thinking?). That report mentioned how I was permitted to REMAIN FREE while they "continued their investigation." IF I was such a dangerous individual, which they KNOW I am not, would it have made sense to let me remain free? NO! They only took me into custody after I contacted the Jerusalem Post to inform the public what was going on behind closed doors. That obviously angered and embarrased them to detain and deport me. Like Patton said: "I shall return!" Because justice shall prevail.
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    Your website is full of racist and homophobic crap (yes it is homophobic to call for the death penalty for gay people, even if you claim to be gay yourself). You complain about the lack of religous tolerance in the al-asqa complex, but you have no religous tolerance yourself, you complain about terorists yet you also choose tpo associate yourself with terrorists. As JC said "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" and I'm sure he would of agreed with the sentiment thta those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stone.

    I was talking to a Christian about why dispensationalism has become so popular among evangelicals in the US and he said "everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die".
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    I think we're done with you, David.
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