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Whistling Teeth

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    I was hoping to train myself to become a whistle tooth. This is where you can talk with a sharp whistle on every "s" sound. I think this requires wooden teeth. Does anyone know anything on the subject?

    Thanks all!
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    I only know that 2 of my brothers do it when they want to tease me, cause they know that I like it but I can't do it. :grumpy:
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    I can't even whistle normally. :frown:
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    It's an annoying speech impediment. Why on earth would you want to sound annoying?

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    TTTSSSSSSSummmer TSQuash?

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    Step 1: Learn how to wistle with your tounge (i.e. not with fingers or with your lips)
    Step 2: Practice incorporating that whistle into speech.
    Step 3: Watch as the people around you slowly start avoiding you
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    To me, I'm only interested in number one. It's good to know how to Whistle without using hands, it's really handy.
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