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White dwarf schools?

  1. Mar 25, 2013 #1
    My advanced statistical mechanics professor claimed that there were very few doctorate-granting schools in North America doing research in white dwarves. While that professor might have some fame as far as white dwarf research is concerned (along with Winget, that professor is one of the biggest names in white dwarves) he says that there is basically one doctorate-granting school in Canada doing it (I am currently attending that one school), and two more in the US (U Delaware and U Texas-Austin) plus another school without a graduate astronomy program (Villanova)

    Perhaps there are more schools that I missed, or white dwarves are just not so hot in astronomical research? Maybe there is someone in here who wants to do white dwarf research as a first choice...

    BTW, here's a list of people I can readily associate with white dwarves in North American universities:

    - Pierre Bergeron (U Montreal)
    - Patrick Dufour (U Montreal)
    - Gilles Fontaine (U Montreal)
    - Mike Montgomery (UT-Austin)
    - Judith Provencal (U Delaware)
    - Harry Shipman (U Delaware)
    - Edward Sion (Villanova; doesn't teach at a doctorate-granting department)
    - Don Winget (UT-Austin)
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