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White hole in universe

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    white hole in universe!!

    isn't the center of universe a white hole?( i think)As the center of universe is throwing matter radially(if it is a white hole) outwards at high speed,we are moving away from the centre.This is nothing but the term "expanding universe".
    does this make sense?

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    No, this makes NO sense at all.

    1) White holes are a mathematical construct that are not really believed to exist in the real world
    2) There IS no "center" to the universe
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    It isn't.

    We aren't.
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    Actually, this is not quite true. If you believe in Hawking radiation and holography (and most scientists who work in gravitation do) this statement is altered from the classical picture. It turns out that white holes and blackholes become much harder to distinguish.

    See the following famous paper by Hawking:

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