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White Hole Postulation

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    I have been reading all of the previous threads on this topic, but they are all locked or in some strange stasis state, so I made a new one to get the final answer:

    Does a white hole have a possibility of existence in our universe, through any means, be it wormhole or alternate universe(s) or through an as yet undiscovered theory of combined quantum gravity/unified theory?

    (sorry, run on, got a little carried away there)

    also, for the quantum gravity/unified theory, don't worry if you don't have the theory offhand...

    And if it definitely can't exist, please give a reason, i.e. second law of thermodynamics, etc.
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    With certain initial conditions at the big bang some solutions of the equations of GR allow for white holes. There is however no evidence of them existing and are regarded as highly speculative.

    The fact most threads were locked should have told you something about this topic.
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