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I White holes and spacetime

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    How does white holes curving the space-time manifold?
    (I prefer see picture of white hole influence in addition to the explanation).
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    It's unlikely that white holes exist, but if you google for "Kruskal diagram" the singularity in region IV is a white hole.
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    I found this purporting to show a white hole. http://www.universetoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/White-Hole.jpg

    I have read conflicting propositions on the properties of a white hole. I have read that a white hole: has mass, has no mass and has negative mass.

    Additionally, I am not clear about what gravitational effect a white hole would have. I have read that objects would be attracted to a white hole (i.e. it has mass) but that it could never reach the white hole. The image that I presented above seems to represent the idea that a white hole has a negative gravitational impact, (i.e. things would fall away from the white hole.

    If this latter interpretation is correct, would it be accurate to say that time would run faster in the center of the white hole?
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    You have evidently not been reading reliable sources. A white hole has mass just like a black hole does.

    That is correct. The white hole has mass just like a black hole, so it has attractive gravity. But any white hole must also have a black hole associated with it (at least, in the idealized solution you will find when you follow Nugatory's advice to Google "Kruskal diagram"), and any object that thinks it is falling towards the white hole will actually end up inside the black hole.

    Is not a good thing to rely on.

    It isn't. The white hole has attractive gravity. See above.
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