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White holes

  1. Aug 22, 2010 #1
    Does the theory allow White Holes to exist?
    I read "somebody" thinks that black holes are connection to other universes; as b.o. continuously capture materials... couldn't they be emitting this material in the other universe? Could they be "white holes"... or, in other words, "big bangs"?
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    This theory was explored fairly comprehensively in 'Red Dwarf'
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    It seems unlikely, and white holes were really just tossed around as a possible example for Quasars, which we now understand to be Active Galactic Nuclei.
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    there is no scientific proof of white hole, and it has been proven that black holes do release a bit if energy in the form of heat, about a nano degree above absolute zero, so energy that is absorbed in a black hole doese return to our universe, also by the laws of concervation then it is impossiable for a universe to loose energy but to only convert it into other forms
    but the idea of white holes arre interesting :)
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    Unknown. If you use standard GR, it turns out to be hard to make a white hole, but no one knows if they exist or not. Once you go into quantum gravity, we don't have "the theory".

    Lee Smolin came up with this idea already :-) :-)
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