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White Holes?

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    Does anyone on this forum give credence to the possible existance of 'white holes' and the possibility that they violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics?
    I know that most people (if not all) will say the 2nd law can never be violated.
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    I don't quite understand questions like this concerning bizarre spacetime entities like wormholes and white holes- it is my understanding that the laws of thermodynamics apply to closed physical systems- but if one is positing entities which causally connect a physical system with systems outside that closed set [outside the light-cone of a physical system being observed]- then these laws simply no longer apply to the system in question becasue it is no longer closed

    I think this was sort of the idea that Ilya Prigogine tried to express
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    Well doesn't the theoretical form of wormholes not violate the laws of physics?
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    Here is an interesting link http://casa.colorado.edu/~ajsh/schww.html

    I think its a interesting theory. The postulation that a black hole could have a white-hole partner in another universe linked by a worm hole is curious. The black hole sucks matter in and at the other end the white hole spews it out.
    But of course nobody knows whether this is even theoretically possible.
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    A black hole cannot spew out infalling material without that material appearing in two different spaces at the same time. This would be the physics equivalent of a felony murder
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