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News White House mistakenly publishes nuclear secrets

  1. Nov 3, 2006 #1
    Apparently, a U.S. government website has unwittingly published detailed, useful nuclear secrets. Crucial documents from the 1980's Iraqi nuclear weapons programme have been available online since last year. (If you could read Arabic, that is). It seems there were too many documents for intelligence agencies to translate and analyze, so the hip young Republican senate leaders decided to utilize the groovy powers of the 'net, to synergize the analysis process. Admirable.

    And so, useful nuclear secrets were posted online... as part of the effort to uncover the hidden Iraqi WMD's! The irony is overwhelming!

    Surpisingly, Mr. Bush overruled the counsel of his top intelligence advisors. That's not like him at all!

    The website was "Operation Iraqi Freedom Document Portal", which is no longer online. Even Google's cached page was taken down.
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