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White & Nerdy

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    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1384277706451157121&hl=en [Broken]

    I'm sorry, but I thought parts of that were hilarious!

    My rims never spin
    to the contrary
    you'll find that they're quite stationary

    Do vector calculus just for fun
    I aint got a gat, but I got a soldering gun
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    i see myself in some of those scenes....
    i remember that night i had.. 2 rules of bobbleplast home for dinner... what a night... :rofl:

    i like his two wheeler ^^
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    Funny, my 'math' textbooks write it out as 3.142 (or better still 3.14159265...), am I reading the wrong books?

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    Talking about Pie... MMM pie....

    No seriously... Pi IS A PHYSICAL CONSTANT.
    You don't agree, Ok let me ask you a question then, What constant determines how curved space is (and i dont mean curved by gravity but) naturally curved so that to go in a straight line forever gets you back at your starting point.
    If you still have trouble getting it, imagine space is a sphere, now draw a circle on that sphere, what is the new ratio between diameter and circumference dependent on (don't say the length of the radius, analogies don't work is EVERY aspect)
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    mc hawking..haha..very good
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