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B’ are the induced electric field, the induced emf and the magnetic field respectively.In summary, the conversation discusses the existence of an experimental force called X-FORCE. This force is created by a coil carrying electrical current and when combined with a magnetic or gravitational induction, can break down atomic or subatomic particles into smaller particles called neutrinos. The existence of this force can be observed in nature, such as in the birth and evolution of stars, galaxies, and black holes. The theory of X-FORCE is derived from the Unified Field Theory, which states that time, space, and matter energy are all interconnected. The conversation also includes a scientific derivation of X-FORCE, which involves the use of
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I propose the existence of an X-FORCE. I am calling it X-FORCE as it is experimental and not yet proven.

In this paper, I present my theory of X-FORCE and X-FIELDS and also the scientific derivation.

I shall also present the scientific background and information that proves the existence of this force in nature.

In addition, I will theorize the application of this force in terms of technological innovations that should follow.

An induced electromagnetic field created by a coil carrying electrical current when brought under the influence of a magnetic field creates for an infinitesimally fraction of a second a third weak field under a different plane at 45° to both the electrical field and the magnetic field of the magnet.

When a subject matter is introduced in the path where; in a uniform magnetic field, the magnetic plane intercepts the plane created by the X-FORCE field, this subject matter will be converted to Neutrinos.

Under conventional conditions, the X-FORCE field is created for an infinitesimally small fraction of a second. Therefore the amount of subject matter converted to neutrinos is also infinitesimally insignificant to be detected.

The resulting neutrinos also travel at a speed faster than light and thus into another time span. That is the future time span in relative to the present time span.

Therefore even if neutrino detectors are employed, these cannot be detected directly and only the insignificant loss of matter is the only indirect indication of the occurrence of this effect in the present time span.

X-FORCE Force is a weak nuclear force which on its own cannot affect the nucleus of an atom or sub atomic particles such as electrons. However, when combined with a strong magnetic or gravitational induction, it manages to break the atomic or sub atomic particles into still smaller particles such as Neutrinos.

The energy released is used to propel the neutrinos at speed faster than that of light. As a result, the release of energy is not observed as in any nuclear explosion or implosion.

Every electric motor generates this field. We all know the input provided is never equal to the output. The loss is attributed to many causes and an infinitesimally small amount of input is lost due to X-FORCE force.

The phenomenon is common in nature and observable in the birth and evolution of stars, galaxies, black holes, sun spots, Earth spots (Bermuda Triangle, etc.)

To create this force and its field in a lab would require specialized equipment such as high energy lasers, super conductors and massive magnets that we have not yet manufactured.


Background Theory: Unified Field Theory

“All our compartmentalized concepts of time, space and matter energy are not separate entities but are transmutable under the same conditions of electromagnetic disturbance.”

Definition: An electric Field created in a coil induces a magnetic field at right angles to the first, each of these fields represent one plane of space. But since there are 3 planes of space, there exists/must be a third field. By hooking up electromagnetic generators so as to produce a magnetic pulse, it might be possible to produce this third field through the principle of resonance.

S-FORCE THEORY: Physical derivation

Diagram A/B: Constants and force lines (please refer to attached images)

Eo/E - is the borderline electric field created by the coil.
Ino/In - is the linear borderline induced field created by the coil.
Bo/B - is the directed magnetic field of the horse shoe magnet. A Horseshoe magnet is used as the magnetic force induced by the magnet decreases towards the center of the magnet.
Gfo/Gf - is the X-FORCE force created at 45° to all the three forces Bo, Ino and Eo

When the circuit in Diagram A/B is completed, there is a movement of charged particles in the coil. The direction of their motion is perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field at a point.

This charged particle at that instance experiences a force which is given by F=qvBsin0 according to established theories on motion of a charged particle in a uniform magnetic field.

The vertical sides of the loop are at right angles to B that is magnetic induction of the magnetic field around the magnet.

These sides will experience forces F1 and F3 respectively.

Each of these forces has a magnitude ilB but whereas F1 is directed normally out of the page, F3 is Diagram C directed normally into the page.

This can be checked by using Fleming’s left hand rule. The horizontal sides do not experience any force as they lie along the direction of B.

Thus the loop of wire is acted on by the 2 equal unlike parallel forces F1 and F3 which are separated by distance b. These forces constitute a torque 'T' of magnitude 'e'.

T = (ilB)b = iAB

Where A=lb is the arc of the loop.

Instead of a loop, if we have a coil of 'N' turn, then this torque will act on every turn of the coil.

Therefore the Net torque acting on the coil will be T = NiAB.

If the coil is free it will start rotating but if it is fixed at an end of the magnet, the torque will act in the direction perpendicular to Both B and the electric field or along OP in the diagram B.

Now the induction created in the coil due to the flow of current in the coil due to the flow of the current, i.e. electromagnetic induction will cut the plane of the Torque 'T'.

The magnetic induction at this point is nil but starts increasing. So the total force acting along on an element within this plane will be the product of the Induction Bo, the Torque T and the electromagnetic Induction Ino.

Its magnitude will be

X-FORCE = NiAB x B x do

Where 'do' is the magnetic flux in the circuit along OP.

By Lenz’s law e = do/dt where 'e' is the induced emf and dt the time interval.

Thus the resulting X-FORCE equation is as follows:

X-FORCE = NiAB x B x e.dt


‘N’ is the number of turns in the coil,
‘i’ the current in amperes,
‘A’ the area of the loop,
‘B’ the magnetic induction of the Magnetic Field,
‘e’ the induced emf in the circuit along the wire and
‘dt’ the time interval.

By suitably changing the values of the variables in the above equation, the power and effect of the X-FORCE can be manipulated.

The scientific and technological application of the S-FORCE would be revolutionary.

Scientifically it will help us to understand more about the mysterious dark matter, the origin and evolution of visible matter, processes within large bodies such as stars, planets, etc.

Technologically, this force would bring about complete revolution in transportation, medical and all aspects of human life. Space Travel involving inter-stellar/inter-galactic distances will become an everyday reality as neutrinos can pass through unhindered at speeds close or greater than light. Time Travel could also become a reality and open new doors for research.

“The name Albert Einstein is synonymous with general human brilliance. This is so even though his lasting discoveries were all centered in physics & the explanation of the photoelectric effect, the theories of special and general relativity, and the energy-mass equation, to name the most memorable. However, promoted at least in part by dissatisfaction with quantum theory as well as his well-known statement that "God does not play dice with the universe", Einstein spent a great many fruitless years seeking a unified field theory that would tie together all the fundamental forces and particles into a single theoretical framework. Einstein was unsuccessful and this unification still remains as a challenge to modern thinkers.”

Source http://www.haverford.edu/administrative/president/Integratedlearning.htm

What is Unified Field Theory?
Well, in layman terms - and that is all I can also do - , you know that there are four forces in the universe:

1 - gravity forces
2 - electromagnetic forces
3 - forces that maintain the proton together in the nucleus of atoms (strong force)
4 - forces related to the breakdown of atomic nucleus - radioactivity - (weak force)

Can you imagine another type of force, different from these?? Many scientists are trying to unify all these fields in only one theory, and probably they will do it in the future. The mathematics involved is very complicated. Einstein took a precious role in this field and - through his theory - he could develop some concepts like the warping of space-time to explain the gravity force. For sure you know the idea of a heavy ball on the surface of a body made up of rubber.

The strong force holds the nucleus together, although the nucleus consists of protons with strong repulsive electrical charge. James Clerk Maxwell formulated the first field theory in his theory of ELECTROMAGNETISM. Later, Einstein developed the general relativity, a field theory of GRAVITY. Later on, Einstein focused his attention on a unified field theory, but it was an impossible task for him.

Since then, the gravity remains beyond any attempts of unification. Nowadays, new theories have been developed, that invokes quarks, leptons, etc, and field symmetry. We have to wait a little more...

Source: http://www.Newton.dep.anl.gov/askasci/phy00/phy00353.htm

Albert Einstein's biggest disappointment was his inability to prove a unified field theory. Since his attempts, others have endeavored to succeed. Has there been any a resent attempt or developments in solving the unified field riddle? If so, by whom, and what are the latest results?

Yes, there have been a lot of recent attempts. In fact rather a flurry of books has been published on the subject recently (there is one by Leon Lederman, and I think one by Murray Gel-Mann). The main problem is that we have some vague theoretical ideas about how the unification works, but there are almost NO experimental tests that can be done right now in the region where these theories really need to be tested to distinguish which one is right. Part of the purpose of the SSC (killed by Congress) was to start probing this interesting experimental regime, to perhaps start winnowing out the many proposed theories. However, a machine with a power some billion times that of the SSC would be needed to really probe the region where things get interesting for unification (the so-called Planck scale) and that is not likely to be available anytime in the next millennium.

So, yes there are plenty of theories, but unfortunately, unlike the situation with Einstein, experiments will be very necessary to decide which theory is right, and those experiments do not seem to be even on the horizon right now.

The other recent book was by Weinberg, not Gel-Mann. There is an interesting review of it in last October's New York Times book supplement (forget what it is called) by Roger Penrose.

Arthur Smith

Source: http://www.Newton.dep.anl.gov/askasci/phy99/phy99173.htm

Information Sheet: Philadelphia Experiment
During the experiment, according to Allende, a ship was rendered invisible and teleported to and from Norfolk in a few minutes, with some terrible after-effects for crew members. Supposedly, this incredible feat was accomplished by applying Einstein's "unified field" theory

Source: http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq21-2.htm

According to US Government: On Einstein's Work
“The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has stated that the use of force fields to make a ship and her crew invisible does not conform to known physical laws. ONR also claims that Dr. Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory was never completed. During 1943-1944, Einstein was a part-time consultant with the Navy's Bureau of Ordnance, undertaking theoretical research on explosives and explosions. There is no indication that Einstein was involved in research relevant to invisibility or to teleportation”

Source: http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq21-2.htm

Other References to Einstein’s last efforts
“With the rise of fascism in Germany, Einstein moved to the United States in 1933 accepting a research fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, New Jersey, and becoming an American citizen in 1940. There he worked on a proposed unified field theory, a single mathematical system that places electromagnetism and gravitation in one universal law. This challenge occupied him for the remainder of his life”

Source: http://www.publicdebt.treas.gov/sav/sbieinst.htm

There are some questions in physics that we cannot answer due to the lack of a complete theory of gravitation. Some of these are, "How does the force of gravity work on objects a billion billion times smaller than the hydrogen atom?" or "What was the universe like, at the instant after the BIG BANG?" or "What is the complete physics of Black Holes?" For such questions it is critical to know how the force of gravity can be consistent with the principles of quantum mechanics. In these arenas, the laws of gravity and all the other forces must be very different from those seen in every day experience. Einstein suspected this and it led him to the belief that there must exist a "unified field theory" to describe our world. He spent the last forty years of his life unsuccessfully searching for this construction. More recently there appeared new ideas called "superstring theory" that have apparently succeeded. This talk is an accessible introduction for a general audience to the idea of superstrings.

Source: http://ois.nist.gov/techcal/search/display.cfm?uniqueID=113207Rober0.39710357

New Developments
One of the great intellectual achievements of the twentieth century has been the realization that these four wildly different “fundamental’’ forces may, in fact, be viewed as
manifestations of a single unified force. Although this paradigm was originally the dream of Einstein, not until the 1970s was any serious progress made toward developing the
theoretical framework for unification. The initial major breakthrough occurred around 1970 when a theory was proposed that unified the weak force with the electromagnetic force in a mathematically consistent fashion. This unification came almost a century after Maxwell had shown that electric and magnetic phenomena could themselves be unified in a single force carried by the electromagnetic field.

Source: http://lib-www.lanl.gov/cgi-bin/getfile?00285651.pdf

The Grand Unified Theory was Einstein’s goal, or least one of them. As Physics Professor Gary Moring says, “This is the Holy Grail that physicists are searching for. Einstein tried to do this but never succeeded. It’s been partially completed, but the final unification of the microcosm with the macrocosm – quantum mechanics and general relativity – is still on the drawing board.

Source : http://www200.state.il.us/gov/pdfdocs/ThePlanner_0702.pdf

Lenz's Law

Sometimes exactly the same words with an entirely different mental picture help me get something I've been having trouble with: think of wind going through a hula hoop. Wind velocity is going to play the role of the magnetic induction B, and the hula hoop is going to represent a wire loop. Wind velocity is a vector field: it varies both in magnitude (breezy here, calm over there) and in direction (it can come from the north or from the south, and it can swirl around). A magnetic field can't be more complicated than the wind because they're both just vector fields.

The magnetic flux through a wire loop is exactly analogous to the amount of air going through the hula hoop. It's the dot product of the field strength and the cross-sectional area of the loop. Turn the hula hoop edge-on to the wind and the flux drops to zero because no air is getting through it. Keep turning and the flux goes negative because
now the wind is blowing the other way through the hoop.

Now Faraday's law says the force on charges in the wire loop depends on the *change* in flux through the loop. The charges don't care how strong the wind is; they only care how rapidly the amount of air going through the hoop changes. If you rotate the hoop very quickly in a light breeze, they'll get excited. If it's really windy, a very slow rotation will do the same thing. If it's gusty, you can leave the hoop stationary and the change in wind speed will do the trick. These days, most hula hoops have beads in them. Let's pretend that if the beads move inside the hoop they will generate wind through the hoop.

Let's say if they go clockwise, they generate a wind going in the direction a screw would go if the beads were turning it. Let's say if you increase the amount of air going in that same direction through the hoop, the beads will feel forced to move (so far we have Faraday's law) counter-clockwise (now we've added Lenz's law).

Tim Mooney

Source: http://www.Newton.dep.anl.gov/askasci/phy99/phy99x61.htm

Other References


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Every electric motor generates this field. We all know the input provided is never equal to the output. The loss is attributed to many causes and an infinitesimally small amount of input is lost due to X-FORCE force.

The phenomenon is common in nature and observable in the birth and evolution of stars, galaxies, black holes, sun spots, Earth spots (Bermuda Triangle, etc.)

To create this force and its field in a lab would require specialized equipment such as high energy lasers, super conductors and massive magnets that we have not yet manufactured.

That's not proof. The first paragraph gives 0 proof, the 3rd gives 0 proof, and the second gives lim[x->0+](x) proof.
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"The resulting neutrinos also travel at a speed faster than light and thus into another time span. That is the future time span in relative to the present time span.

The phenomenon is common in nature and observable in the birth and evolution of stars, galaxies, black holes, sun spots, Earth spots (Bermuda Triangle, etc.)"

Congratulations, you've just been debunked.

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