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News White pride

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    I've heard this argument from David Duke and a bunch of other racists. That whites should have the right to be proud of their race. After all, if it's okay for blacks to be proud then so should whites. Is this a valid argument?

    Why are Asian Americans allowed to say Asian pride without being branded as racists, while saying White pride has negative connotations ie.. a white, racist supremacist?
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    I'm quite proud of my own ancestry. Direct ancestry. I've got a rather spiffy family tree. As for the rest of you... you ALL belong in the zoo. :P
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    I think that all forms of racial pride are ridiculous...although in certain contexts such pride has more violent and/or oppressive tendencies.
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    A lot of blacks demonstrating 'black pride' are racists (to whites), but don't really realize it or care.

    Just look at their TV shows. They make so many cracks about white guys, I stopped watching. A cacasian would never be able to get away with half the things they've said. Darrell Hughley the Comedian has been reprimanded before on his 'jokes', which are discriminatory. Edit: According to a commercial ABC didn't want them on their network. They moved to UPN.

    Asians have a less racist history compared to Caucasians AFAIK. Or even Africans.

    Frankly, I think it's pretty odd when someone says something like "black/asian/white pride". Don't they have anything else to brag about aside from their race, in which they can't control?

    Nationalistic pride...that's different, it's cool to be French Canadian.

    Quote from Black Eyed Peas:

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    "White pride" isn't what you think it is, Professional - its a mask for racism.
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    What if a person is not really yellow and not really white like Nec, uhmm, Nec guess Nec skin color is something like that? (joke)--lol--
    Hey, professional, where have you been these days ? Busy working ? nec havenot seen you for a while,,
    Whats your real name ? Nec ask truthfully...
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    Racial pride causes divisions amonst people. It helps to keep people from seeing that we're pretty much similar.
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    Pride is a very strange word. It seems to have developed too many meanings. It is a virtue and a sin (and a bunch of lions, but I think we can ignore that here).

    We need a word that means "lack of shame". It confuses things that "pride" is as close as any word gets. For centuries, the vast weight of popular opinion was that being black was shameful. Blacks responded by lightening skin, straightening hair, preferring white dolls for their children etc. It was the norm for blacks to be ashamed of what they were. "Black Pride" is a response to this. It is a statement that it is just fine to be black. The same is not true for whites, or other minorities, with the exception of American Indians. Even the "White Guilt" movement never had much influence.

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    As is black pride, asian pride, etc.
    It's just not okay to say that in our society, or you are a racist then too! :rolleyes:
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    40 years ago when blacks were an oppressed minority, no - today, ehh.... depends on the group/context.
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    I'll compromise and go with that.
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    Yes, I agree
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    Nonsense, Christianity has had a huge influence in this world.
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    You're kidding, right?
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    Since when have you seen Asians produce sitcoms mocking other races? Oh wait, it's actually the other way - Asians are the target of laughter on shows like the Hughleys and King of The Hill. Do you think the Koreans will produce a sitcom targetting blacks, and get away with it?

    There have been large Universities that limit the admissions of Asians due to the fact that too many are eligible and can enter. Do you think those Universities could put a limit on blacks, and get away with it? http://www.uweb.ucsb.edu/~bmaatuk/immigrants.html

    Can you give me an example of where a whole Country like China has enslaved a single, killed and tortured a single race?

    Or an example of Japan taking Caucasians and forcing them to work in deadly environments for pennies?

    Wasn't it the English that attacked China and distributed Opium along with other Countries?

    Do I have to go on, or do you still believe Asians have a history of racism equal to other races? How about I write a rap song about how many different times their race has been screwed, and then mock other races - oh wait, not their culture.

    Why do you even bother denying this? If you seriously took a look these days, it's not the Asians bringing up the racist topics or jokes. It's not them that stir up these problems in their songs. How often do they claim 'racism' like African-Americans do in the USA? I know many of you are going to reply and say that this doesn't happen, but an example would be when blacks called in to "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" claiming that they were racists because there weren't enough blacks on the show. Despite the fact that few called. Now, how often do you see Asians whining about these things? Sure, some do but not a lot in comparison.

    Asian countries like Korea, China and Japan don't have big racial issues like in North America. Maybe it's because they have less racist tendencies.
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    How many Asian sitcoms have you seen?

    So you're comparing the treatment of minorities within the USA with the treatment of majorities in the USA? Wow. How ethnocentric of you. Now use some sense and compare treatment of minorities in the USA to treatment of minorities in other countries.

    The Hand and the Yue. The Ainu and everyone else in Japan. The many migrations in India, and throughout south-east Asia. The list is as extensive as for any other region on Earth.

    WW2. Less than pennies.

    Wasn't it Japan that attacked China and totally ****ed up a generation?

    Go on all you like, you're basically wrong. And this idea you have that Asians are a separate race, and somehow different from others in their behaviours, is quite telling.
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  18. Jun 22, 2004 #17
    wow, I've never agreed with Adam so much.
  19. Jun 22, 2004 #18
    A few, actually. Their are a couple of Asian channels in Canada that broadcast them.

    Are you talking about WW2, where the Americans forced the Japanese into concentration camps?

    No, 1800's was when China was attacked by multiple Euro Countries. Don't forget that.

    And yes, Opium did f*ck up a generation.

    You're comparing that, to America's history of going to South Africa, capturing blacks like Animals, stuffing them onto a boat, then selling them as slaves?

    That's ridiculous.

    Let me guess, American? In denial.

    Thanks for pointing that out - so is every other major race.

    Different races tend to have different cultures, behaviors and do tend to be different.

    Stop f*cking acting like everyone's the exact same, because you're just hiding yourself in sick denial.

    http://www.anu.edu.au/~u9902418/racism.html [Broken]

    http://members.optusnet.com.au/~griff52/Shadow%20of%20mill.rtf [Broken]
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    Cambodia is one good example of Asian racism. The ethnic cleansing of Vietnamese by Lon Nol's Republican Army and then later Pol pots ethnic cleansing.

    In Malaysia there is still government sponsored discrimination against malaysian born chinese.
  21. Jun 22, 2004 #20
    I'm talking about WW2, when the Japanese worked Australians to death.

    Obviously you are unaware of the episode to which I am referring. Get on to Google and search for "rape of Nanking".

    Ah... One completely subjugated the other.

    Phatmonky has a pathological need to disagree with me. That he agreed with me in this thread should tell you something.

    Well, perhaps you should discuss this point in the Biology forum, although it has been thoroughly covered many times already.
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