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News White Racist Republican Wins Seat

  1. Aug 9, 2004 #1
    White Racist Republican Wins Primary

    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=684&e=16&u=/ap/eugenics_candidate [Broken]

    Unabashed Racist Wins GOP Primary in Tenn.

    Fri Aug 6,12:25 PM ET

    By WOODY BAIRD, Associated Press Writer

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - An unabashed racist will represent the Republican party in the November election for a congressional seat after a write-in candidate failed to derail his effort.

    With 86 percent of the primary vote counted Thursday, write-in candidate Dennis Bertrand had just 1,554 votes compared to 7,671, or 83 percent, for James L. Hart, a believer in the discredited, phony science of eugenics.

    [ . . . ]

    Full article at http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=684&e=16&u=/ap/eugenics_candidate [Broken]
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    Woops, my bad, I meant to say that he won the Primary, not the seat, at least not as yet.
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    This is what happens when people don't know anything about the candidate and vote for the "party".

    "He has run for the 8th District seat before and drawn little attention. But people began to notice this time because he was the only Republican on the ballot. " This happens in both parties, this guy just happened to be a republican.

    "Hart, 60, vows if elected to work toward keeping "less favored races" from reproducing or immigrating to the United States. In campaign literature, Hart contends that "poverty genes" threaten to turn the United States into "one big Detroit."

    Wow, that is just plain SCARY.
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    BFD. He was the only Republican on the ballot!
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    That's the whole point, he only won because he was the only candidate for that party and obviously most people voted for him knowing nothing about him.

    The point here is that it doesn't matter which party he belonged to, it's the fact that someone like him can get voted in without anyone knowing what they are voting for.
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    Some probably knew a great deal about him and didn't care. Others voted for him because (get this) there was no one else on the ballot to vote for.

    When you are the only name on a ballot, you are probably going to win no matter how odd your platform. This story means nothing to anyone. What did you really expect to happen? That zero people would show up to vote in the Republican primary? That a majority of the people would magically conjure the same name to write in on their ballot?

    This is another example of a misleading post title, which makes it appear that people, given a choice between multiple candidates, chose the one that was racist. Pure malarkey.

    This guy only won a primary in a race that he has no chance of winning. I think you should be far, far more worried that someone like Maxine Waters can actually get voted into Congress after running against a named opponent and when her constituents DO know her stances.
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    He would have won even if 1 person voted for him. Someone has to win the nomination, and if he's the only candidate, well. This isn't a case of people voting strictly along party lines. In a primary election, you have no choice but to vote for a candidate from your party. You can't select a Democrat to represent the Republican party. I think it's safe to say this guy won't win the seat itself.
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    Man – this one smells just like Michael Moore. Cheetos and peanut butter.

    Look, this James Hart fella is running as a Republican ------ he does not have the endorsement of the Republican Party. Far from it. Typically, local parties, both democrat and republican, do NOT spend money and time running a candidate against an entrenched incumbent. In fact, after Hart’s political philosophy became known by the local GOP leadership, they actively opposed Hart’s run in the primary --- using some of those real Republican dollars (they had hoped to save) when doing that. They even took the time to create this website - The link gives you the reaction of the local Republican Party to James Hart’s run in the primary.

    http://www.shelbygop.org/grey/entries/00000083.html [Broken]

    The related resolution is quoted below –

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    The danger lies in when it comes to the actual election and this yoyo is the only candidate for a certain party. I see Tigers2B1 has posted what the Republican party did to educate the public about this guy, too bad it didn't work
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    I wouldn't worry. The campaigning gets a lot more serious in the actual election. Nobody ran against him in the primary and the write-in campaign came too late to properly educate enough people. Congressman Hart, the incumbent, will be campaigning against this guy from the outset. The word will get out and he won't get anywhere near that seat.
  12. Aug 9, 2004 #11
    Even if he wins, ultra-conservatives like him would never achieve much power overall due to the multi-ethnic voting make-up of the United States. Look at Ultra-Conservative David Duke, he has been trying for decades to get into Congress, but those "darn colored people" just keep on getting in his way lol
  13. Aug 9, 2004 #12
    Thanks, Tiger, for shining the light of truth on the subject.
  14. Aug 9, 2004 #13


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    Just to be explicit:

    This would only be true if there could not be write-in candidates. That's why the local GOP made the effort to get people to vote for Bertrand.
  15. Aug 9, 2004 #14
    Interest...The ultra-liberal members of the Progressive Caucas of the U.S. House of Representatives seem to have no problem getting elected.
  16. Aug 9, 2004 #15
    I don't know if what you said is true or not, but, ultra-liberals are not calling for the sterilization of Blacks and Mexicans, like ultra-Conservatives do. Since radical Conservatives specifically attach non-Whites, and with non-Whites already 30% of the American population, and growing very fast every year, there is no way they can get much power since the non-Whites would not vote for them.
  17. Aug 9, 2004 #16
    I also find ultra-conservatives repulsive. I'm also offended by this group http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=29612 http://www.ournation.org/pc/progressive.htm Do you fell the same about this bunch?
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    In this case, you're probably right. But, anything can happen in an election. Ashcroft lost to a dead man!

    If the incumbent is a shoo-in, there's no telling who winds up running for the opposing party. None of the mainstream candidates want to get pounded in elections. In the county I grew up in, the county District Attorney was unbeatable. A recent college graduate who hadn't even yet passed the bar exam wound up running against him as the opposing party's candidate. Guess what? The incumbent DA gets caught in a major scandal only a month before the election and suddenly is virtually unelectable since he's likely to spend most of his term in jail. (Actually half the county government got caught in the scandal and booted out of office with some very surprised underdog candidates elected to office.)
  19. Aug 9, 2004 #18
    The Democrats in Oklahoma didn't mind when they ran a man with a 3rd grade education for state office. His son had the same name -- J.C. Watts -- so Democrats propped him up hoping the electorate would get the two confused. When asked why he was running for office, J.C. Watts Sr. said that he was looking for a cushy job so that he could finally rest. He didn't know how to spell the name, nor describe the official job duties, of his position. The Democrats hid him out of sight after that fiasco, and for two weeks no one could find J.C. Watts, Sr.

    It didn't work. His Republican challenger won -- barely.
  20. Aug 10, 2004 #19


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    So why are you so concerned about this irrelevancy?
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