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    Many time with an outdoor landscape photo my sky will be white. I'm using new panasonic lumix. Usually I keep it on iauto. High dynamic helps but sometimes it messes with colors.
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    I have that problem a lot as well- AFAIK, the standard method to increase the sky's color saturation is to use a polarizing filter.

    You can quickly try it out if you have some polarizing sunglasses (or a sheet of polaroid) lying around. I've noticed a big improvement, but have been to cheap to buy a proper filter.
  4. But essentially the dynamic range between deepest shadow and highest light in the sky is too much for the sensor.

    There are some tricks to cope with that. The simplist for a point and shoot camera -wih no controlling- is to point the camera towards a fairy bright part of scenery, push the shutter button slightly to lock the exposure settings, keep it there while recomposing the picture and push all the way to release the shutter.

    Then look at the result and try again if not satisfied, (trial and error) pointing to a more or less bright part in the scene.


    Another trick, slight variation, for something close in and a bit dark, with a bright sunny sky.

    1: Preselect flash - forced on.
    2: Point at the sky (away from the sun) and push shutter button half.
    3: recompose the picture on the subject and release the shutter full,

    (the exposure settings are now right for the sky and the flash will light up the subject (again - should be close) to brighten it up.
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    Another trick: take some images of nice looking skies with pretty clouds, then use photoshop.

    Even professionals sometimes own up to doing that!
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