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I sometimes do informal math tutoring for other high school students online and am looking for a whiteboard application similar to the one featured with MSN Messenger, but as a standalone program. The reason I wish to avoid MSN Messenger's whiteboard is because my router gives me problems when connecting to someone else. I tried Jabber, but the program is so buggy that I can't even connect to a server to try it out... After searching Google, I couldn't find anything else. Does anyone know of any other whiteboard applications?

Wrichik Basu

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If you give live lectures, then I would consider using Windows Journal and stream your screen onto your student's device. One such option is shown here:
But beware and don't open any window with sensitive information when you are sharing your screen. Hackers can always steal your info. But the site I noted is not remote desktop control, just sharing, so it is safe in a way, but you have to be cautious still.

If our don't give live lectures, just record your screen and use Journal. Large number of professors are using the app nowadays for recording lectures.

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