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Whiteboard handwriting.

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    My normal handwriting is bad, but when I write on the whiteboard(or chalk board), it is horrible! What should I do?
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    Trying using your whole arm to write.
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    I have to agree with tyroman, something that I have picked up from my teachers and has helped my white/chalk board writing, its give yourself points of reference.
    For example, one teacher I have teaches in a classroom with two chalkboards laid side by side along the same wall.
    Every time lecture starts, he begins by dividing the leftmost board in half with a single chalk line, and then writing to the right of that line, next he uses the unused panel on the leftmost chalkboard. When he gets done with that panel, he splits the right chalkboard and continues.
    Through out the lecture he can erase panels as he needs them depending on whether or not they will topics in the remaining lecture(things like theorem statements, their proofs, etc.)
    I have noticed that when I do the same things, my writing tends to come out in straight lines(parallel to the top/bottom of the board) and the letters tend to remain the same size and not begin at a readable size and taper off as the sentence goes on.
    I would also recommend trying to obtain a white/chalk board that you can do some math on, you could then get more familiar with writing math, writing math in that size of font and writing on a white/chalk board in general
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    practice big when you practice!
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    Since whiteboards are wider than they are long, and paper is generally positioned the opposite, I found that when I prepare my notes / examples, it helps if I divide my notes page into smaller sections lengthwise (say 3rds). It helps you decide where to position diagrams, etc. This is because my normal prep is in pretty tiny handwriting. If your handwriting is larger, you might just try turning your paper sideways by 90 degrees so you write with the length, not the width. Note: I also always use plain white paper when preparing my notes and solutions, not lined paper.
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    I second this. Don't try to write by using your wrist. Rather, consider the segment from hand to elbow as one unit. The movement must come from your elbow.

    Take a sheet of paper. Draw a big circle.
    a) Use your wrist.
    b) Use your arm/elbow.

    In b) your circle will look better.
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