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Who all can have a signature?

  1. Jul 13, 2005 #1
    Yeah, basically, who all can have a signature? Only paid members?

    What I know is that I can't because there is no 'Your Signature' type option in the 'Edit Profile' section.
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    You're correct. Currently, only contributors have the option to use signatures.
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    You mean, it may be allowed to all in the near future?
    Then why delay?
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    Other way around, vinter. It used to be that everyone had signatures and avatars.

    As a method to offset operating costs without having to rely on more intrusive ads or requiring payed memberships, Greg instituted voluntary contributions.

    The contributors get signatures, avatars, ability to set themselves invisible, a larger PM limit, etc.
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    Well I really like some members' signatures.And I think they should make signature free for all members, at least for science advisors.
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    Which one do you like? I mean whose? What about mine ? :wink:

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    As much as i like avatars and sig's (I use them a lot in the forums i go to), but still here, i put myself in greg's place and think abt it, and i feel whatever he is doing is perfectly right. I was the head of the web development committee of my college (I have finished my college course and i will graduate next month and hence not part of the committee now obviously) and i have a fair amount of idea as to how much cost goes into maintaining an independent site. Our college was funded well, so it wasnt a problem, but with greg, that isnt the case. He needs to attract contributors and these perks are the least he could do to attract them. Even though most contributors here wouldnt mind these extra perks being made public, but just think whether greg would like it if he couldnt reciprocate the goodwill of these contributors in some way?? These perks wouldnt count much, but they indicate the appreciation shown by greg towards those who contribute to his project that is PF. As i said earlier, its the least he could do and i am perfectly ok with that.

    -- AI
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    I personally think some of the sigs are annoying, and am thankful that there is an option to have them turned off.
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    TenaliRaman, I agree with you and I think Greg is doing the right thing.But you know some of signatures make me think and I think these kind of signatures could be useful for this site! :smile:

    This thread isn't in GD,is it? :wink: Well, this is the last time, I'd answer this question because I don't want to ruin this thread.

    I like your signature.Although I think you should translate "Docendo discitur" :wink: and add "Daniel" to your signature! o:)
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    I didn't even realize I could have one. Here, I'll use this one:

    Edit: For the record I changed it. Don't feel qualified to state that one about QM and besides I admire J. Bronowski a great deal. Remember "The Ascent of Man"? That 25,000 year old cave painting of a hand? As if to announce, "this is man, I have arrived". :smile:
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  12. Jul 14, 2005 #11
    Hey, but what about making just the 'signature' public? Anyway I am a college student and I don't think I will become a PF contributor just to get a signature of my own!
    Signatures are nice and websites do provide them for free.
  13. Jul 14, 2005 #12


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    But how many of those sites are as worth being in as this one?
  14. Jul 14, 2005 #13
    I am not trying to compare physicsforums with anything. I just want to say that I have been posting on this forum for quite some time now and several times I have felt that it would be nice if i could have one signature. But if not giving signatures helps physicsforums that immensely then it's ok. I don't mind it.
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