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Who ARE You People?

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    I've been helped two or three times on this forum with extremely intelligent replyers that brushed off my questions with ease. I've looked through the sub-forums such as Quantum Physics (WOW, that is some ADVANCED stuff!). Just wondering, are you guys scientists? Professors? College students? Because you're all crazy smart...
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    There's a mix of people on this forum, ranging from high school students to undergraduate students, grad students, lecturers and professors, as well as professionals in fields such as engineering and other people just generally interested in science.
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    that is awesome. i think im gonna join this forum later in life (if its still alive)
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    there are 15 yr olds in here wanting to learn Calculus ... lol

    i'm 22, i just started liking Math ...
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    Well, you could do that, or you could just stay and visit when you have free time. The forum really benefits from users with different levels of expertise. You never know, you may find it useful if you need help with any other questions, and any help you give other students will be much appreciated!
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    yeah... this is one of the best and most useful forums ive ever visited... and the people are nice.
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    There are some 15 year olds on here that are all ready pretty proficient in it XD

    Just visit the forums whenever you get a chance. There's a lot to learn. I don't know much at all but I still like to help people out where I can (mainly pre-calc/beginner physics). I mean just from helping others and answering peoples questions you start to get a much deeper understanding of topics you thought you knew pretty well. My point is is that if you have an interest in math/physics there is a lot to learn here.
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    Here, here!
    This is a very valid point. In order to learn physics or maths, one needs to "do" it. An even better way of understanding or refreshing one's memory is to help other people. That's why helping people here is a benefit to the helper as well as the helpee.
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    Welcome, omg precal. We have tons of people of all ages and levels of experience here, and we welcome them all. You'll might find some topics that are over your head, but plenty more that are just right for you to help someone else out. We think that's the mark of a well-structured forum!

    - Warren
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    I'm 27 and in the same boat. It's tough now to decide what to sudy when I transfer..physics, math, engineering...all...now that I am older, that is. I tend to lean too much on reason than on blind faith that it will work out. I'll be 50 by the time I decide on a career.
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    i'm quite happy how things worked out. i didn't have a stable family, so i got the maturity part of the way before i took most of my important undergraduate courses.

    i do feel behind tho, but there's nothing i can do about it so i'm just enjoying learning. my motto is ... with the right attitude and vision, you can make it anywhere! lol, we'll see tho. i have only one more yr till i transfer (hopefully)!
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    Gib Z

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    *Winks at Feldoh whilst handing him the bribe money under the desk*
    Who are you talking about Feldoh?
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    XD, there are many GOSU here.

    Hope one day I (currently a noob) can help others instead of always being helped.
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    what does GOSU stand for / mean?

    http://www.reference.com/search?r=13&q=GOSU [Broken] eh?
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    I think you have got it,xd.

    The opposite term of gosu is : noob=chobo=newbie.
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    I'm just a freshmen in college majoring in physics. We have people from all over the spectrum.
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    damn i'm getting old ... haha

    makes no sense to me.
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    I can't see it going away any time soon; it's growing every day. And you've already joined, or you wouldn't be able to post. Becoming a contributor is a different matter, but it's not compulsory.

    edit: I just realized that I never answered the original question. 51-year-old high-school dropout.
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    Ive just joined college 3 weeks ago... some of the people here are really really knowledgeable... the kind of professional help you would have trouble finding if you tried and they're all ready to help you out... this place is amazing...
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