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Who are you?

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    I thought this could be a good thread to start and couldn't find a better forum to post this to so i guess its going here. This is my first post here, and usually when i join a forum, there is a place to say hello and tell everyone about yourself, but i don't see one here. So i thought, what the heck, i'll get a thread started on it. Just talk about who you are, why you are here, etc...

    Ever since I was young, i have been overly curious about every single stupid thing. Now and then I have a random idea that makes sense and i can't let it go until i figure out if it works or not. The earliest one of these that i can remember was that sun was really big and far away because of the relationship between the light coming off of it and how much heat was coming off of it. There are some obvious flaws with that logic of course but hey, i was five. Now i am not usually anything special mental-wise, but when i start thinking like that, i cant help myself. I am 17 and haven't had really any schooling in physics but i managed to create my own physics model. I came here looking for answers and its looking like this site will be very helpful.
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    This forum is the place to introduce yourself, if you so choose. Most people don't bother, they just dive into one of the normal discussions. But as long as you're introducing yourself, welcome! The most important thing you can tell us about yourself is what your favorite fish is. (It's a tradition here.)
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    thats a tough one, i like malawi cichlids a lot but i think its a toss up between german blue rams and moorish idols.
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