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Who are your favorite movie or TV characters of all time?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    While trying to think of my favorite star of all time, this question naturally followed.

    When I can think of an answer for this one I will chime in. The first that come to mind are characters such as R2D2 and Darth Vador, Jaws, God in [Oh God], Hal [2001], Kahn, but that's only because I'm in that mode right now. I'm a real modey [sic] kind of guy.
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    edit: or, more to the point, his brother, Niles.
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    ME TOO!!!!!!!

    Did you see the episode with the dead seal and the "clap on, clap off" lamp? I almost wet my pants. Or the episode where Niles hurts his finger while ironing and passes out and set Frasier's couch on fire (after he poured naphtha on the couch trying to remove a blood stain).
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    I am showing my age, but I always liked the character Jim Rockford (plated by James Garner) from The Rockford Files TV show. He had a realistic macho attitude - when people shot at him, he was afraid. He was quick-witted, and that always served him better than his toughness. Although he had a keen instinct for self-preservation, he always did the right thing.

    I loved his little scams. I used one once to track down a deadbeat roommate who skipped out on rent!

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    Finch from Just Shoot me
    o and definitly Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean
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    Slappy Squirrel from Animaniacs.

    Oh... do cartoons count?
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    Sure hope so, my favorite characters are fictional. I personally like Homer Simpson's rather dumb (yet hilarious) quotes, with the second favorite being the quirky Ralph Wiggum (Ralph: "Is this my house?" Lisa: "No, you live in a different house" Ralph: choo-choo [runs off]).

    I myself follow several of Homer's advice... "Never trust anyone", "You cant fight city hall", "Its better to watch stuff, than to do stuff" and others. In fact, my signature has something he said right now (or described).
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    the fourth doctor hands down

    Boursa: "You have access to the greatest source of knowledge in the universe."
    Doctor: "Well, I do talk to myself sometimes."

    from doctor who: the invasion of time
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    What a SURPRISE!!!

    Dang. No, I missed those. I rarely get to see the current ones because of my work schedule. Not to mention, they keep putting something else on in it's time slot upon numerous occasions (why do they do that? it pisses me off!). I usually catch it in syndication. When (IF!) I retire, I'm going to sit and watch Frasier for DAYS!!!
  11. Feb 11, 2004 #10
    Favorite cartoon characters are definitely Brian and Stewie from "Family Guy", as well as basically all of the Justice League (with the exception of Hawk Girl).

    Favorite television characters would have to be the entire cast of "Friends", as well as "American Choppers".

    Favorite movie characters are E.T., Batman, and "Napster" (Seth Green's character) from "The Italian Job".

    I know all of these are more recent, but then again I was only born in '86, so I consider that my excuse... :smile:
  12. Feb 11, 2004 #11
    Tv shows... Latka from Taxi. Andy Kaufman was *TRULY* something else... in anything I ever saw him in. I was also nutty about Endora in Bewitched.

    In movies I'd say Peter Sellers' Inspecteur Clouseau in the Pink Panther series, but Herbert Lom (I forget the character's name) did an incredible acting job. But the Clouseau character I loved.
  13. Feb 12, 2004 #12
    Pluto was my favorite character


    I used to like Pluto when I was a kid... but Pluto was killed by a float. So I guess my new favorite character of all time is either Gir from Invader Zim or Bender from futurama.
  14. Feb 12, 2004 #13
    I liked Christopher Lloyd's Jim Ignatowski character from Taxi.

    Andy Kaufman in the wrestling match...
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