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Who built forts or played army as kids?

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    I know I did.

    We built new forts, like every other month. We constantly improved everything. Our forts were entirely built out of stuff in the forest. We used things like long grass or hay for string.

    We also played army too. That was fun because it was quite serious with ranks and everything. No violence though. This wasn't a daily thing either. It went on yearly, and you couldn't move up unless you were rewarded that position for something you did.

    It was awesome.

    How about you?

    Note: Trying to start an interesting thread. I have to say the "Stairs" thread is heading somewhere.
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    Hellz yeah. My cousins own a ranch out in the desert that has a wash where bamboo grows(california desert...bamboo...don't ask me....). We'd cut down the bamboo in the middle of the thickets (tough task for ten year olds and tall bamboo) and turn them into forts. We had a nice setup. We used the shoots we tore down to build walled passages between nearby thickets, tore dried moss off the bottom of the wash and used it to carpet the interiors. Lot of work went into that place. Loads of fun though.

    My grandparents own a log home on a lake in minnesota, on a dirt 'cliff' (you can walk up and down it, though it is fairly steep). There was a large tree that hung out over it, with a trunk that went just a little above horizontal. So we nailed boards up and built a hap-hazard fort there. Then we would take extra boards and 'sand board' down to the lake.

    Fun times.
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    Hellz yeah! Bamboo's delicious.
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    Well we didn't eat it, and we wouldn't want to. Like i said, this stuff was growing in the middle of the desert, in a stream bed that had water 2-3 months a year, tops. Not the tasty kind of bamboo.
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    Did you ever make anything else with it?
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    you ever see the video of people getting caned? ouch
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    Man we built the best fort. We lived in the burbs, but a neighbor of ours had a huge field which had a strip of forest mainly brush but some big trees. We pilfered old shingles from a half burned barn near us and used planks for the floor, we camoflaged it with the long grasses of the field near us. We used to do all sorts of weird kid things out there. We built traps to protect our fort. We dug a big pit (we thought so anyways) and covered it like we saw on the movies and cartoons we watched. That really made the owner mad in a couple of years when he decided to cut the grass... oops. We used to try and set snares for rabbits, never worked. We defended our fort with slings and stick swords against the local hoodlums (our rival group) who would try and steal our shingles and planks for their fort. I remember my younger brother took a stone to the head pretty bad (or so we thought, he didn't get knocked out or anything, just a little blood) and I took my stick club and hit the kid as hard as I could and he ran away and cried... kinda brutal I guess. Those were great times, until the neighbor kids and my brother started a fire in the fort and it caught some of the grass camo on fire and the had to put it out. Well they all smelled like fire and they got busted and we couldn't go to the fort anymore. Why is fire so appealing to little kids? It just is I guess.
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    I always associate underground-pit forts with dirt-clod wars. The local patch of dirt, which had been a cotton field at one time, had hundreds of dump-truck mounds of waste dirt from construction projects. It was a perfect setting for forming rival armies and going to war. Dirt clods were our hand grenades.
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    We had a cornfield behind the houses on my street. We built an underground fort with a huge piece of plywood on top, then covered the plywood with the dirt and cornstalks. We cut a door in the plywood to get in and out. Great fun in a fort hidden by the corn.

    At least until the day we heard this strange rumbling sound coming our way and someone had go up top and see what was happening. Dang!! :surprised It's harvest time already!!?

    The farmer was so puzzled by where all these little kids running for their lives came from, it didn't even occur to him they might just be coming from underground. Ran his tractor right onto the plywood, which quickly broke dropping the nose of his tractor into the hole. I'm not sure if it caused any damage to the tractor, but it sure made him someone to avoid at any cost.
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    Adults always used to warn us not to play in cardboard boxes in the alley, since the trash truck might run us over.
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    my son and daughter are always building forts in the house...we have a ton of blankets, they have bunk beds and an inside tent...since this is the colder part of the year, forts tend to keep them occupied since they constantly are falling down or apart...
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    I'm always scared to run over bags and boxes. I always picture them being full of kittens.
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    I was a kid during WWII; my first decent drawings were of major cannon and soldiers in tunnels, inspired by diagrams of the Maginot line I had seen in Life. Later I dug a "Jap trap", a camouflaged pit, in the back yard and twisted my sister's boyfriend's ankle one dark night. The war surplus stores were my delight; I had a real helmet liner and obsolete gas mask.
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    did you trap any japs?
    edit:did you trap any japs, you old fart.
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    I played doctor with girls from my neighborhood :rofl: :wink:
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    I played mortician, got me used to dating later in life
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    We used to make forts at recess all the time. It was actually kind of weird cause there was this awesome spot to play and build in, and the boys always wanted it, but us girls defended it and kept it the whole time, pretty awesome.

    At home though, we'd build snow forts a lot, and we tried to build club houses all the time. My sister and i also had bunk beds that made a pretty sweet fort. But most of the time, we'd just play in the big cherry tree in the front yard. That was the coolest. We all had our own branch, and we'd pretend to be little monkeys. All the neighborhood kids always wanted to play in the tree cause it was soo cool. My dad always got really mad though, we broke a lot of the branches off, and skinned the bark off in places. Plus the tree was located in the greenest part of the yard and my dad was one of those "yard guys." but we still loved to play in that tree. Oh man, good times.
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    We'd run around to the back lot of our house and gather up a bunch of fallen tree braches and stuff and make teepees and pretend we lived in Native American villiages.

    Gale, I used to build snow forts too! It was a blast, especially when the neighbor plowing the driveway made a huge pile for us to start with. When we had snowball fights between forts, my friends would have to pick me up so I could through the snowballs...:laugh:I couldn't see over the top wall of the snow fort!
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    Speaking of teepees, I remember building one as a kid too. It was actually REALLY big. You can see it from outside the little forest.

    We had an entrance, hallway and 3 rooms. We had 3 ROOMS! It was 4 teepees connected all together too. We used trees that have fallen, so it was quite high.

    I so miss being a kid. :cry:
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    I can agree with that!! Thats a HUGE teepee!

    How long did it take you to build that sucker?
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