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Who can access PF?

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    who can access PF? If I were to go to...say... korea, could I still be able to log into PF? I see mostly people from the US and Europe, but that's about it. No Asian countries. Why is that?
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    Funny you should say korea. I'm korean, and when i go to korea occationaly (i live in UK) i still come to these forums :wink:
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    Its anywhere unrestricted internet is world wide.
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    Actually there are a number of Asian users on the forum.

    Remember- World Wide web :-p
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    Are you basing a trip to korea on whether or not you can view pf? :smile:

    I would say anywhere that you can find a computer and a telephone you will be able to view pf.
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    We do have Asian members here. Though, I would imagine English isn't as common of a language for people living in Asian countries to learn, so that would limit who could participate in discussions here.
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