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Who deleted my post after dudu's in technology forum

  1. Sep 3, 2004 #1
    First, answer my title's question.

    Second, give me the reason sa to why you deleted it ? WHAT WAS WRONG WITH in that post TO YOU ?

    I wrote in capital because you are that BIG. and your noledge about that might also be BIG too

    PS-I am really angry because i see no reasons for you to do so but seems you like to do what you like instead of basing on any reasonable reasons
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    dduardo deleted your post because it was nonsense. It was not factually correct.

    - Warren
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    Anyway, i think he should pm and give me a word before doing it. I actually dont care about that because I know how much you know about it.
    I know I cant build a tree modeling a farm, because I am still wondering where I should put the donkey below tree croot or below mammal (and the fact is that the donkey is a gay ?)
    i am again :cool: and gentle
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