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Who Do You Look Up To?

  1. Mar 21, 2013 #1
    It'd be interesting to see who people look up to.

    I look up to Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. I wish I could do a PhD under his supervision.

    I also look up to my 2004 and 2005 High School Classical Studies, and Computing, teachers.
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    People who are taller than me.
  4. Mar 21, 2013 #3
    I usually get to the same height, then look at them.
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    According to my tape measure anyone above 5 11. Other than that select family and friends.
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    Bernie Sanders.
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    Steve McQueen and Richard Dawson

    Maybe Shatner but only once he's dead.
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    Greg Bernhardt, PF Admins, and PF Mentors.
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    I personally see Jimmy Page as my god.
  12. Mar 22, 2013 #11

    jim hardy

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    Are we constrained to the living?

    Freeman Dyson

    farmers, and the everyday working folks who keep the machinery of civilization running.

    if you'll grant me one from fiction - "Uncle Hub", the character portrayed by Robert Duval in "Secondhand Lions". He reminds me of some WW2 vets I knew.
  13. Mar 22, 2013 #12
    I look up to Steve Wozniak.

    So I have to ask, why do you look up to the ancient aliens guy?
  14. Mar 22, 2013 #13
    The great Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Granth Sahib
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    *Scratches head*
    Uhh...I don't know...
  16. Mar 22, 2013 #15
    Richard Feynman is my hero. Smart dude with broad interests, penetrating insight, a good heart, a sense of humour and no time for bull****.
  17. Mar 22, 2013 #16


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    Leonardo da Vinci, Frederik Chopin, Albert Einstein, John Stuart Mill, and, like Adyssa above, Richard Feynman.
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    Some people I appreciate are/was Richard Dawkins, George Carlin, Carl Sagan, Christopher Hitchens, Neil deGrasse Tyson + some other scientists + a bunch of composers.
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    Yes and yes! I love these guys. These two + Bob Dylan had such a huge influence on me. Jimmy Page is still god tho :p
  20. Mar 23, 2013 #19
    :rofl: I actually thought this haha

    All of my life I never understood the whole role model thing or why people would look up to another person, but it seems I have developed a deep appreciation for Neil de Grasse Tyson. As I am often discouraged these days, I listen to a lot of his speeches and somehow find hope within them. I also admire Astronuc which is odd because I do not hunt down his posts like Neil de Grasse Tyson's videos XD but I appreciate his posts whenever I come across them...maybe it has something to do with his username, beard, and use of the word "one."
  21. Mar 24, 2013 #20
    I look up to Mahatma Gandhi
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