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Who got interested in physics

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    ... as an adult or when you went off to college and was gonna major in something totally different like Construction management or psychology but decided to switch to physics because you decided at the last minute that physics was more interested. I was an agriculture major , but then switch to physics when I took a physics course on intro to mechanics for an elective. My teacher really open my eyes of how interesting Newton's Laws of motion were.
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    George Jones

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    In chronological order Ed Witten: got a degree in history and linguistics: started grad school in economics; tried a behind-the-scenes career in politics; started grad school in math; started grad school in physics.
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    hmmm...got interested in physics while being in high school, got to disliked it while studying physics at uni but now getting to like it again!o:)
    Wow! That's interesting!
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    I thought chemical engineering was the thing until I took the beginning physics courses. Then it was and engineering physics for me.
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