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Who Governs Who?

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    Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity do not like each other. Yet, we perceive that Quantum Mechanics are the 'basics' of all things, or the startings of all larger things. But this is just it, why is it Quantum Mechanics governs ALL and General Relativity only runs the vast and large? Why do we not percieve that the very large govern the very small? Could it be looked at either way in the spectrum of Physics?

    Summarizing the question: Why do we see that Quantum Mechanics controls everything yet General Relativity doesn't work with it?
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    Reminds me of the old ultraviolet cascade catastrophe problem in blackbody radiation.
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    Answer: we don't.

    Relativity describes gravity, Quantum Mechanics describes all the other forces.
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    What controls Gravity?
    I heard, in String Theory, that a Graviton does such, which is a particle.
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    Gravitons are a purely theoretical particle, no one has ever proven they exist. Because Relativity only deals with gravity and QM deals with all the other forces except gravity, it is gravity that is considered the biggest enigma today. No one has been able to prove how it relates to the other forces, and there are countless theories on the subject.

    In addition, all subatomic particles are also, somehow, simultaneously waves.
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