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Who has datum about three-dimensional demonstrate of X-ray diffraction?

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    if anyone own that ,please have it shared OK?Thanks!!:smile:
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    Do you mean intensity vs scattering angle data? Why do you need it 3d? Standard measurements are made in 2d.
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    no,not a certain data .we're studying "the modern method of material analysis",so i desire anything about it !
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    Here is some basic information on Bragg Scattering, the basis of X-ray diffraction, and Compton Scattering.



    From Wikipedia - X-ray crystallography (X-ray diffraction)

    High Resolution X-ray Diffraction at Univeristy of Pennsylvania
    http://dept.physics.upenn.edu/~heiney/talks/hires/hires.html [Broken]

    http://www.eserc.stonybrook.edu/ProjectJava/Bragg/ [Broken]
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    Thank you!!!!!
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