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Who here has msn messenger?

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    Hey, I was just wondering if any of you guys, and gals have msn messenger. I would love to have a bunch of people to consult that are knowledgeable on topics like science, math, engineering, you know stuff that roxors. I always have questions, and am always interested in learning and listening to science related stuff. My msn is xtremeskater14@hotmail.com (I made it when I was 14 sadly I am no longer an X-TREME SK8ER!!!111)
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    I have msn messenger. FOR MAC OS X!! *clears throat* anyway, I do. hotmailalternateaddress@hotmail.com. Feel free to message me. I'm about 14 hours away from you so I'll be on at later times than others.
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    You can add me if you want.

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    For those of you who perhaps have another IMing software like Yahoo, AIM, or ICQ you can link them all up (along with MSN) through http://www.trillian.cc [Broken]

    This way one doesn't have to micromanage different softwares at different times, so everyone is on the same screen.
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    I'm going to have to make a new contacts group for PF :tongue2:
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    Unless of course you have a Mac, in that case you would probably use Fire.
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    Anybody got other IM addressed like ICQ/Yahoo/AIM they want to share?
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    I use Adium on Mac OS. It handles all the major protocols, and you can really scale it down to the point where you're just sending and receiving messages in plain text. No buddy icons or smilies or any of that crap.

    To the OP, I'm chocolatejesus12@hotmail.com but never sign in on MSN. To all the bots collecting these addresses to send spam to us, I use this address specifically for receiving spam, so knock yourselves out.
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    all my messenger handles are in my profile, i have all the major ones.
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