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Who I am - or am not.

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    First of all, I'm probably the only person here who has never been to college. Okay, I did get an Associate's Degree from a community college fifty years ago (I was trained as an optician). They called (still do) the place a community college, but I always thought of it as a trade school. Anyway, it served me well for twenty years and you might say it probably saved my life (kept me out of the fighting in Vietnam while I was in the service back then.

    Right now, I'm a retired civil servant who does volunteer work at the VA hospital in Buffalo.

    I'm here because this is probably the only place that can answer a problem that has been bothering me do years.

    I'll get to that in the proper place.

    Best regards,
    Paul Neupert
    Tonawanda, NY
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    From one old geezer to another, :woot: welcome :smile:
    Read the rules and behave yourself and you'll be fine. :biggrin:
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