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Who in these forums actually holds a doctorate in Physics?

  1. Aug 6, 2005 #1
    Who in these forums actually holds a doctorate in Physics?? Just a question out of curiosity. :smile:
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    People like ZapperZ, Reilly, Arivero.

    We have lots of phd students though. I myself am a physics phd student at IMEC.

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    You could probably make your mind by looking at users' ages, when available.

    Marlon, in your profile I read that you love: Physics, Opera, Italian language, Mozart.

    If you were a girl I'd move to Belgium and ask you to marry me.
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    :rofl: :rofl:

    You know, gay marriage is legal here in Belgium :rofl: :wink: :blushing:

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    In Italy, there are still some problems with "Sacra Rota", anyway....

    (Inquisition would be something new and advanced, in my beautiful Italy)
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    yeah, i know, it was all in the news papers over here.

    VIVA ITALIA, il paese dei fratelli progressivi

    santo marlon, il vostro santissimo santo padre
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    ahh, Italy. I hope to go there someday, stuff myself with Italian food...pasta, spicy meatballs and whatnot
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    I've never seen a thread with a serious opening post get hijacked so fast by OT chattering.
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    Good point, zoobyshoe.

    krab has a PhD as well.
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    Yeah whatever :rolleyes:

    These a really great reasons to visit Italy


    Err, well, actually i do not care.

    Besides, other phd students are Spacetiger, humanino, Gokul,..., and Vanesch has a phd too.

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    Conversational tones,good intentions and warm language is something that distinguishes effective communicator( :biggrin: )! :rofl: :rofl:
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    Morbius - but his may be in nuclear engineering, not nuclear physics. Not sure.
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