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Who invented

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    The every day things in the home, the bath, toilet, cooker, carpet, table, chairs, paint, bed,
    cup and saucer, knife, spoon , fork, etc, etc.
    Given that your TV, computer, radio are luxuries, how much do we owe to Modern invention in the home.
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    They all pretty much evolved ( were created if you live in Louisiana) out of cruder natural items.
    So the difficulty is defining when it stopped being a mound of moss and became a bed, or stopped being a bit of metal/rock and became a knife.
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    Also, they were invented before people thought to keep track of - and give credit to - people who invented stuff.

    (Those who track stuff now are the same people who brought us the 'instant classic!' and 'collector's item!' mentality.)
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    Ancients Greeks had baths, and possibly Pharaohs of Egypt too.

    The table must have evolved from when the cavemen realized they could put something on a large stone, or a collapsed tree.

    Paint dates back to cave paintings. I think Neanderthals painted drawings in Spain dating back to 30,000 BC.
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    that's too much to think about--it makes my head hurt----those things are way too complex to figure out---so, I'm going to just go for an answer so I don't HAVE to think so hard to try to understand it all---

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    Screens on windows to keep bugs out.
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    I imagine the table would have evolved shortly after the chair. I think the modern "feature" of a table is that it has room under it to allow people to be seated at it with their legs in front of them.
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    and right after that, the first argument over "who took the big piece of chicken?"
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    Not all modern conviences were invented or evlolved without some mishaps and even religious misgivings.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A15826179 [Broken]



    Many of the items we use daily went though a series of improvements.
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    The cup and saucer came from Japan, along with the tea. The first cups had no handles, much like the cups still used today in Japan. By 1840 we added the handles, and the cups became finer. Saucers were deep, because the fashion of the day required tea drinkers to pour the hot tea into the saucer, let it cool a bit then drink it out of the saucer. It was called saucering your tea. What to do with your empty cup? Why put it on a Cup Plate of course.
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    So what did people drink out of before cups? Bowls?
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    there was something on TV about that--it was some guy playing with a wire while waiting for a trolley, I believe
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    Waiting for a trolley? :confused:
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    it was back in the teens or twenties went just about every town had them and interurbans of some sort (like the Red Line in CA--)
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    *ping*...of course!

    (I probably shouldn't even admit this, but I had difficulty understanding why someone would sit and wait for a shopping trolley :redface: :rofl:)
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    I have made blades from obsidian and flint, and it's pretty darned tough to duplicate the craftsmanship of flint-knappers of thousands of years ago. The great thing about the stone blades is that they are REALLY sharp and can be re-sharpened by knapping new edges. The downside is that they are incredibly brittle. The instruction cards and minimal tool set that I bought were very helpful, though. They guy who marketed the kits used to sell his flakes of obsidian to an outfit that made scalpels for plastic surgeons. A cleanly-knapped flake has an edge only about a molecule thick, which cuts skin cleanly and reduces scarring.
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    About the only thing i could think of that is needed in the home and is quite modern is copper pipe, and may be insulated copper wire, even then we could do with out electricity.
    a solid fuel aga to cook on and heat water, gas lights.
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