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Homework Help: Who is carrying the most weight?

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    Two delivery men carry a crate up a flight of stairs that have an angle of 45 degrees. You may assume the crate is loaded evenly and has a mass of 200kg. Assuming the workers can only exert a force strait up with their hands on the boz, calculate the load that each worker is supporting. Who is carrying the most weight?

    ok.. so for my free body diagram, i have the dot at the center of gravity of the box, which would be the geometric center because it's loaded evenly. i have the force of the W in Newtons going strait down and the force of the guy on the high stair going from the dot on an angle to the upper right.. How would i draw the force of the guy on the lower step on my free body diagram?
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    Doc Al

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    Good. The weight of the crate acts at its center and points straight down.
    The problem tells you that both men exert their forces straight up at each end of the crate, not at an angle. So your free body diagram should show a vertical arrow at each end representing these forces.
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    yea, i realized that.. i got the answer now, but thank you for the help.
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