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Who is the greatest comedian?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Who is the funniest person or three that you have ever seen, heard, or the funniest author if that applies instead.

    I think at his peak Robin Williams was incredibly funny. So was Steve Martin and many from the SNL crowd. When I was a kid, there was also a old guy around that went by the name of "Dean Martin's Uncle". I don't know if he really was Martin's uncle or not but this guy could walk back and forth on a stage telling one liners that would keep me and my dad in stitches as long as he talked.

    Of course, what's funny today may be another thing tomorrow. I once thought Bugs Bunny was about the funniest wabbit awound.
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    Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld are the funniest I think.
    Another really good one is Sarah Silverman (funniest woman I think. Hot too!) I have a few video clips of her on Conan. I think I'm gonna go watch them now. :)
  4. Jul 30, 2004 #3
    When I was younger, I used to enjoy Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean)
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    Aww, whatever happened to him? Johnny English was just about the worst movie ever. I heard tat he was being treated for depression but later found out that it's not true.

    Bring back Mr. Bean!
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    Since I've seen the movie "Man on the Moon" I must say I'm a fan of Andy Kaufman, though I don't know him very well. Actually I've only seen that half hour original material that came with the DVD, e.g. the "And the Bird Goes" song and some woman-wrestling scenes. But that was just soo cool :rofl:

    Weird, but cool.
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    I think the funniest person I've ever seen on TV is Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow of FRIENDS because they are always able to say the funniest, stupidest yet wittiest things all at the same time.
  8. Jul 30, 2004 #7
    It's funny that Matt LeBlanc has never hosted SNL (to my knowledge).
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    Johnny English was good. I like Mike Harding. He is a class comedian. Or Jim Davidson. Man, both really funny. :biggrin:

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    Robin Williams -if you haven't seen the Bravo interview with RW on 'Inside the Actor's Studio, with James Lipton... well, too bad !
    Jerry Seinfeld
    Steve Martin
    Jerry Lewis
    Richard Pryor
    John Stewart
    Kevin Nealon
    Chris Rock
    and occasionally, Mike Myers

    Rowan Atkinson is incredibly talented, but I really can't take maore than 10 minutes of his goofing off.
  11. Jul 30, 2004 #10
    Jeff Foxworthy is pretty funny. I also like Robin Williams. Eddie Murphy can be hilarious. John Cleese in Faulty Towers. Colin Mockery (sp? from Whose Line Is It Anyway?)
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    My favorites:

    Bill Cosby
    Steve Martin
    Woody Allen
    Jonathon Winters
    Mel Brooks

    Have any of you ever seen reruns or clips of "Your show of shows"? It was incredibly funny. It went off the air even before I was born, but it still holds up.

  13. Jul 30, 2004 #12
    I'm not very in touch with comedy. But I have to say that "Whose Line is it Anyway?" cracks me up pretty well.
  14. Jul 31, 2004 #13
    I think the single funniest person on the planet is Hal Holbrook doing Mark Twain in his show Mark Twain Tonight!.

    If you've never seen it, check out your local video store. Some have it on tape.
  15. Jul 31, 2004 #14


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    I am old enough to remember Red Skelton and his gentle brand of humor.
  16. Jul 31, 2004 #15
    definetly, Rowan Atkinson
  17. Jul 31, 2004 #16
    That doesn't make them comedians though. They don't write their own lines. If you think that they're funny on FRIENDS, you should give credit to the writers.
  18. Jul 31, 2004 #17
    Er...no. There are no "actor-proof" jokes that can't be screwed up by bad delivery. I majored in acting in college and saw some of the funniest lines you could imagine turned to lead balloons by people with no sense of timing or delivery.

    On the other hand, a good actor can take something that is only marginally funny on paper and turn it into a gut busting show stopper with just the right inflection.

    If a joke works, it is 100% due to the actor.
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    I'm probably the only person with this opinion : I enjoyed John Cleese more in Fawlty Towers than Monty Python.
  20. Jul 31, 2004 #19

    Math Is Hard

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    Bill Cosby is amazing. My favorite was his "Those of you with or without children, you'll understand" routine.
    I also loved Gilda Radner and Steven Wright.
  21. Jul 31, 2004 #20


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    This got me to thinking about some of the older comedians.

    Jack Benny

    Abbott & Costello - Who's on first?

    George Burns & Gracie Allen

    Groucho Marx had some great one liners.

    Lucille Ball in her "I love Lucy" series.
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