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Who Is This Guy?

  1. Sep 14, 2010 #1
    I've been trying to find out who the guy in the center is, I've seen this picture before, but I never could figure out who he was. And who's the guy on the bottom left?

    [PLAIN]http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs294.snc4/41057_158014187546953_100000151191614_532296_7417597_n.jpg [Broken]
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    Che Guevara, in the middle.
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    Yukio Mishima
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    Who is the guy top left? He doesn't look important at all. He just looks like some guy taking a picture of himself in a car.
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    proberly. tineye doesn't recognize it.
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    Oops, I should have told you, that's a friend of mine who decided to put his picture in with these other historical figures as a joke.

    I wonder if I should tell him he looks like Seung-Hui Cho. :uhh:
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    Oh, that's hilarious!
  10. Sep 14, 2010 #9
    Guy, bottom right needs wear his glasses when he shaves around his mustache.
    My husband had that problem with one side until he began wearing his.
    Looks like this guy has a PROBLEM :yuck: with both sides.... hmmm.
  11. Sep 15, 2010 #10
    'Cause all Asians look alike right? lol
  12. Sep 15, 2010 #11
    Yeah, haha, lol, I'm a graduate of Virginia Tech '88 who takes this matter of someone killing dozens of students on a campus very seriously.

    Find more worthy "friends."
  13. Sep 15, 2010 #12
    Are you implying that he meant to look like the guy who committed the mass murder?

    That wasn't the case at all, he wasn't trying to look like anybody.
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