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News Who Killed Rafik Hariri?

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    http://www.ericmargolis.com/archives/2005/02/who_killed_rafi.php [Broken] by Eric Margolis, Foreign Correspondent, Defense Analyst & Columnist, and author of “War At The Top Of The World” posted “WHO KILLED RAFIK HARIRI?” on February 21, 2005:

    No this doesn’t sound like anything that can be attributed to Bush’s brilliance or theory of spreading democracy.
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    Who benefits, and how?
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    Since when are terrorists logical?
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    Syria has been assassinating it's opponents in Lebanon for years. Give me a break.
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    What about Israel?
    Who murdered Elie Hubiaka (one of the most well known Lebanese Maronite leaders) in 2002? Who murdered Dani Shimon and his family in 1990, Toni Frenjiah and his family 1978, Rashid Karami 1989.?

    Who murdered most the political leaders of the Palestinian resistance?

    I do not say that Syrian government is wonderful, but the last thing the Syrian want in this time is murdering Hariri and focusing on Lebanon, because they all already under huge American/Israeli pressure.

    Sine the invasion of Iraq, USA looking for more reasons to starts new wars especially against Syria and Iran. I do not think they are so stupid to give excuses for destruction of their countries.

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    I believe some of these other murders are mentioned in the posted article.

    With regard to starting this thread, I had been wondering why the Syrians would assassinate Hariri, and it certainly seemed odd to me that they would do such a thing at this time. One has to ask who does this benefit most?

    It gets back to the some questions I had when Bush was trying to connect 9-11 to Saddam to justify U.S. actions. The assassination just hasn't made sense.
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