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Who locked the thread without

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    notifying the reason?
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    Logicalman - grow up! Read the last 3 posts by Evo, arildno and Artman.

    Personally, I think your thread about your frustration should be deleted completely, because your attitude about women is basically offensive.

    And the moderator can delete this once you've read it.
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    offensive attitude??

    It's just like hot virgins looking for hot virgins to loosen up.

    Also, I hear a lot of teens below my age and others are having lot of sex - aren't they afraid about STI's and HIV?

    I also hear lot's of people being in plenty of relationships said that how do they protect themselves from these diseases?
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    :confused: Just wondering Logicalman, where do get these ideas? You are not Chinese are you? o:) :tongue2:
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    hot virgins.. omg.. you should just be looking for someone with the same values as yourself, not be running around as a bull looking for someone to hook up with.
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    At risk of feeding a troll...
    if the only reason you're interested in finding a woman who is still a virgin at 19 is so you can lose your virginity with her, you're going to be remaining a virgin a LOT longer. You don't seem to be a virgin because you've chosen to remain so out of moral principles, you seem to be a virgin because no woman is interested in being with you. If you're not interested in a relationship, and just want to find someone physically attractive for you to lose your virginity with, it's not going to happen with a woman who has moral values against that.

    You need to deal with your own issues first. When you stop doing all your thinking with what's below the waist, then consider a real relationship with a woman. If the only thing on your mind is sex, then you need to find a like-minded woman, and she is not going to be a virgin. You can't have it both ways.
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    In a way, I am kinda running around like a bull to find that hot virgin, which as a result is giving me frustration and in the process of doing so if I see a hot girl fooling around with an idiot it *adds* fuel to the fire, which leads to a feeling of "scarcity" of "hot virgins".

    Which boils my head, you can literally hear my head nerves go thump thump thump!

    I am not worried about losing my virginity I am worried about hot girls losing their virginity.
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    Now it's obvious he was trolling.

    Let's do the math on this guy.

    (1) * 19YOVJerk < (1) Cute + Sexy + Hot + 19YOVGirl

    No way to make those two equal.
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    I have to make my statement before this gets locked.

    You're a ****ing loser. What kind of person do you think you are for disrespecting females like that. I have met lots of girls who haven't lost their virginity or just lost theirs at 19.

    These females would also prefer a male partner who is also a virgin, which normally makes sense. There's a catch though. These girls don't want ****ing loser like you. You might be a virgin, but that does not make you king ****. I lost mine at 18, which isn't too far off from where you are.

    I hope you never get kissed or get laid. I'd recommend that you never say this **** in public because that will be your ass.

    Note: I don't think you could lose your virginity. You seem like a guy who would have major premature ejaculation problems. I mean big ones, since you never touched a girl before.

    Good luck getting it in. :mad:
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2005
  11. Feb 24, 2005 #10

    Now I get some relief! Yay!
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    Relief? They would never touch you.

    You're a ****ing ass.

    A female virgin would much prefer a respectful male who has slept with other girls than you.

    It's no big surprise you're having a hard time finding one.

    From the girls I do know who are virgins, they want a guy who respects them more than anything else. Unfortunately, you don't offer respect.

    You, for some reason, think that being a virgin makes you the "ideal" male. The "ideal" male is the one who gives respect, along with other interests females enjoy (i.e. romance) So far, the only thing you should get is a smack across the face.
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