Who made Physics Forums?

  1. Pf

    i wanna know very basic thing....

    Whoever has made this Pf..What is he getting out of it and how??
    what is the cost of Pf?
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  3. Integral

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    The forums were started by Greg Bernhardt. To the best of my knowledge all he gets is lots of headaches about various software problems and the pleasure of watching his baby turn into one of the most respected physics fourms on the web.
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  4. and what about the money.....i wanna know how like other websites too earn as i am myself Enrolled in CSE dept. and i wanna learn web designing too.
  5. close this thread before Pf gets competition.
  6. russ_watters

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    This site is supported by advertisements and donations. It produces little or no profit.
  7. Greg Bernhardt

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    I get the biggest joy out of seeing a high school extra credit project made 4 years ago become the most respected and productive science community on the web. I have the highest amount of pride watching an incredible staff team day after day continue to raise the bar of exellence for PF. I am also so captivated by the fact of how many people are getting the help they need to better understand science, the world around them and as a side effect become better human beings.
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  8. Clausius2

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    Nice words.

    (I'm crying right now :cry: )


    Well, Greg, it is the time you share with us all these million of dollars you have earned so far. The other day I saw you in Vanity Fair as one of the richest guys in the world. I promise, I'll find you everywhere you go with the money. :smile:
  9. Moonbear

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    :bugeye: Really? That's how this all started? As an extra credit project?! I'm amazed! I didn't know that part of PF's history.

    I really appreciate the level of professionalism at this site, and I love that it brings together high school students with science professionals. One thing that keeps me here are the students. I just love to watch them come here, sometimes struggling at first, and grow and mature into budding young scientists. The way the homework help is handled to guide students into finding answers for themselves and truly learning a subject rather than just being handed answers is what makes this site quite unique and special.

    For those of us who enjoy teaching, it's easy to see why Greg should feel so rewarded by the sense of accomplishment in creating this site. :smile:
  10. dextercioby

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    Yeah,we've a got a cheeerful & smart community here.I'm glad to have been part of it.I'll take a break.Hope to find you guys healthy & in great shape again,when i come back.


    P.S.Wonderful job,Greg...:approve: :smile:

    I wish u all the very best...
  11. Greg Bernhardt

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    Well yeah kinda, actually I knew I wanted to make a physics community, but being the business man I am, I negociated my way into getting extra credit for it in my physics class and I just kept running with the community idea. I think within the first week of opening phobos and monique signed up. Just ask them and they'll tell you what you see now is not what it was, PF has gone through many many transformations and I think finally we found a system that works. I remember way back I even had some crackpots (I didn't know any better) as mods, haha oh well, I learned quickly.

  12. i liked this statement most....Really i love you for it
  13. Do you have a maintenance team Greg or do you maintain the forum software by yourself? How much software did you reuse?
  14. Ok thats it what should I do to create such a forum ?
  15. Greg Bernhardt

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    I maintained everything up until about this past summer (I think) when chroot was promoted to admin. I couldn't do it all anymore and chroot has really been a life saver. PF has been through 2 wipes because of poor hosting and software choices. A couple years ago I finally got smart and went for professional software and hosting. Now we are set for a lifetime.
  16. Phobos

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    I should have bought stock then.
  17. Monique

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    no kidding :rolleyes:
  18. Mass Moderation, its already a reality, who r u gona blame now for suppressing posts

    Dont worry I will soon launch PF2.0 with no moderators. There will be mass moderation. something similar but much more advanced that this
    that is going to cause quite a mass wipeout of all the forums on internet because it wont be limited only to physics or science.
  19. Chronos

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    It is a privelege to be associated with the people here who donate their time and struggle to advance the cause of knowledge. I have learned many things from all of you and it has made me a better person, I think. I believe we have collectively advanced the search for truth, and shared the joy of discovery. Sometimes we engage in trivial disagreements, but never have so many joined together to fight the good fight... OK, so I'm a closet optimist, throw shoes at me.
  20. It's a place where newbies become better scientists, and experienced scientists eat up their time. But it is real fun for everyone! Very few forums offer such a community.
  21. russ_watters

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    Actually, this is 2.0 (iirc), but in any case, that mass moderation is an interesting theory. Someone should do sociological research on it...
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