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Who owns everything?

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    Has anybody thought of the implications of what will happen when the mechanics of the universe is revealed?

    I would like to discuss the matter because I have an absolutley bullet proof model of the universe. It is mathemathically sound and accounts for all percievable phenoma felt.

    Is it my intellectual property?

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    Scientists don't usually insist on property rights in their theories. They publish in journals where anyone can see. The publication however guarantees that it won't be stolen. If anyone were to say "See this is my theory and her's how it goes" (stolen from you), then critics would pipe and say "That's connect's theory that was published in the Journal of Bright Ideas a while ago!"
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    How would an unacreditted "crackpot" theorist get published... if in fact he or she is the one that comes up with the TOE?

    Hey... it could happen :-)
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    They could self-publish. Then 25 years from now, after a huge paradigm shift, when mainstream science has finally come around and their conclusions are come to independently by researchers who can get published in a peer-reviewed journal, they will be able to point to the copyright date and say "look, I said this 25 years ago. Idiots."
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    Anyone remember Newton and Lebinez and calculus
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    Er, Leibniz. Newton and Leibniz had this ego thing going. Leibniz didn't stand a chance. Sir Isaac was so far up the food chain he was untouchable. You can brush away dust, but, not the ego's. Nobody 'owns' the TOE [assuming it can be found]. If I am mistaken, I need to run to the patent office and register my claim to 1 + 1 = 2.
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