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Who Remembers The Future...?

  1. 100 years

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  2. 200 years

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  3. 350 years

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  4. 500+ years

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  5. We're here

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  6. No opinion

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  1. Sep 27, 2016 #1
    Who remembers the future...?

    Flying cars/The Car of Tomorrow...Cheap Energy...Unlimited Free/Leisure Time...Space Travel...Robots...Computers thats do everything for us

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    I generally do not like debating definitions but... the answer to your question really depends entirely on one's definition of the "utopian future". For example, you mention
    but I myself find that more anti-utopian than utopian.
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    Based on the picture, I'd say that's the "future" that existed in about 1947. Today's future is better.
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    Or maybe looking at the year 2000 (en l'an 2000 caption) from about 1900, with what appears to be a sound recorder using wax cylinders, and powered by batteries. The man's sideburns and dress suggest a date quite a bit earlier than the 1940s.
  6. Sep 27, 2016 #5
    This was supposed to be in the Year 1950.
    I'd very much like to visit a city like this :rolleyes:. At least they put the word "may". 1925 and they already had a solution for traffic congestion... theoretically... I mean, we still have problems of traffic congestion in my country and it is currently the year 2016 o0).

    Funny thing is that I read it says: "Popular Science" and this was my first time hearing that term. So I check out what it meant and found various definitions in between one saying that one problem with "popular science" is that it can introduce elements of pseudoscience.

    Not my kind of science to be honest.

    So I learned today about "popular science". To think that it is so... popular.
  7. Sep 27, 2016 #6


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    This is a magazine published in the U.S. Back in the 1920s it was called "Popular Science Monthly." It is still being published, but the name now is Popular Science.
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