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Who said this?

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    I am not sure if this question is suitable here. Please help.

    We are discussing who said this : " What can be spoken needs not to be drawn".
    Some say it's Picasso's quote. Can anybody confirm?

    Thank you.
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    Pixel, if no one claims it, it's yours.
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    It's hard for me to imagine a painter saying that.
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    I myself find it hard to believe.
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    Wasn't it

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    That would make more sense. You can often talk until you're blue in the face but a quick drawing of what you're trying to describe will make it clear.
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    especially if you are trying to describe being blue in the face.
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    How about P.T. Wordsworth's famous quote "A picture is worth a thousand words". Since "a word to the wise is sufficient", one one thousandth of a picture should be sufficient to the wise. I'm pretty sure that one one thousandth of what Picasso laughingly called a picture is sufficient to me and I'm not even wise. Perhaps what he really meant was that his pictures were unspeakable. Then again "wisdom is worth more than gold" and "silence is golden". Maybe the quote should be "Shut up!"
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